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Channel Development

How well are you managing your channel partners - big and small?

Most companies don't have the resources to be all things to all partners. You know who's doing well and who isn't and that information drives most companies from a channel engagement perspective. As the pioneer of Channel Development, MarketStar provides consistent channel engagement to help your partners both big and small through partner management services.

If you need help…

  • Maximizing Channel Sales
  • Extending a White-Glove service & support mentality to your top-performers
  • Implementing Partner Management Best Practices
  • Giving more attentiona and training to the broad channel
  • Enabling underperforming partners
  • Winning recommendations from DMR, OEM and ISV partners

MarketStar's Channel Development  solutions can provide an integration of digital, phone and field communications to foster the relationships of your most productive resellers, while better developing the underperformers. We can proactively engaging all your business partners to drive loyalty and sales from targeted channels like SMB to enterprise partners, DMR relationships, OEMs, and independent software vendors.

Clients engaged in Channel Development use a combination of the following solutions:

Broad Channel Management - Fortify and extend your channel by engaging and cultivating partners who are not named accounts
Training Development & Delivery - Craft and implement training and tools necessary for partners to become experts
Alliance Advocacy - Find and develop partners who develop products and services to fit your software, hardware or platform
Top Tier Engagement - Give your top-tier partnerships the proactive, customized and personalized one-to-one service
Marketing Services - Deliver full channel marketing support by running fully integrated, multi-touch marketing campaigns

Channel Development Research Report

The voice of the SMB customer. Maximize your influence with SMB partners by improving communications

MarketStar can:
  • Provide an integrated field-, phone- and digital-based team that uses a unique tier-based structure and intelligent coverage model to optimize the program by focusing on areas of greatest potential
  • Deploy a team of sales professionals to profile, train and grow targeted and under-performing reseller partners
  • Reduce sales inhibitors while rapidly closing net new sales opportunities
  • Increase Partner Sell Through
  • Drive Product Demand Through Traditional Indirect Sales Channels
  • Graduate channel partners with strong broad channel programs to top-tier status
  • Continuously measure, track and forecast incremental growth