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Sid Kumar: The Role of Tech and Tools in Empowering Sales Teams

Discover the role of technology and tools in empowering sales teams with Sid Kumar, SVP RevOps at HubSpot, as he joins host Joy Dumandan in an engaging and informative conversation. Watch this exclusive episode as Sid delves into the sales landscape amidst the prevailing economic turbulence and discusses the best sales approaches, strategies, insights, and trends.


Highlights of the Interview

Customers Want Access to Information at Their Fingertips 

To meet customer expectations, businesses need to be flexible in the way they present and deliver information, and they need to be able to offer a variety of formats and modes to suit the different needs and preferences of their customers and their customers’ customers.

AI Will Play a Huge Role in Strengthening Organizations

Apart from enabling organizations to maximize their sales productivity, AI and machine learning can be used to enhance the customer experience by providing personalized and relevant recommendations. In the future, AI will be a key technology that helps sales organizations run more efficiently and effectively, delivering greater customer satisfaction in the process.

RevOps Acts as the Connective Tissue Across Go-to-Market Functions 

Implementing RevOps enables organizations to streamline their go-to-market processes, reduce silos, and improve the alignment of sales, marketing, and customer success teams. It helps coordinate and integrate the GTM functions to drive a seamless and connected go-to-market experience for customers.

Communication is a Premium in This Hybrid World

Sales organizations and teams need to have clear and consistent communication to stay connected and aligned to effectively serve their customers. In a hybrid work environment, it is important to be flexible and adaptable in the way you communicate with customers and to be available through multiple channels.


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