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Our Competitive Advantage

Choosing to outsource core functions like sales and marketing is a serious, often make-or-break decision. As a result, you need an outsourced company with serious experience. At MarketStar, we have delivered positive results to hundreds of clients for over two decades. We've proven our expertise in driving growth and revenue in retail, the VAR channel and direct selling engagements.

Other outsourcing firms have tried to emulate our one-of-a-kind model, but our skilled people and breadth of knowledge cannot be duplicated. We know that combining the right people with sound intelligence and flawless execution ensures the most successful outsourced results.

Our knowledge and experience in influencing sales has
created an array of competitive advantages for our clients.


Before, At & After the Moment of Sale

While every company wants to own that critical moment of sale, advances in technology and the way media is delivered have created a critical need to extend brand loyalty programs to consider customer experiences that take place long before the moment of purchase and support the customer experience long after the sale has been made.

Whether you're looking to build brand awareness for a new product or service through sales associate training or advocacy initiatives or looking to better facilitate customer support after the sale to minimize returns, MarketStar has created hundreds of strategic programs to ensure customers are made before, during and after the moment of sale.

In Field, Phone & Digital Engagements

The core of MarketStar's success has always been its people. Our expertise is consistently increasing revenue for our clients by deploying custom-tailored and fully trained sales and marketing teams across an integrated communication spectrum. The success of this strategy hinges on our commitment to select, train and provide only the most professional and highly qualified representatives. Whether your customers are dealing with our people in the field, on the phone, or through digital & social media, we are confident they have the ability to seamlessly represent you and accomplish your objectives.

Through the People, Technology and Insight Needed to Succeed

People – Simply put, we are your strategic sales partner. MarketStar's model works—that's why some of the world's most operative Fortune 500 and 100 IT companies, who develop some of the planet's most intricate technologies, trust MarketStar to sell their product. Every day, we effectively recruit, hire, train and deploy highly skilled talent for a fraction of the time and expense it would cost you.

Technology - MarketStar's management team has spent two decades establishing its infrastructure and determining best practices—we've learned from experience what works but also what doesn't—enabling us to advise our clients accordingly. We pride ourselves on providing industry-leading tools and enablement solutions to ensure everything from hiring and on-boarding those we hire on your behalf to capturing, reporting and analyzing data that will help make your engagement most successful.

Insight - It's one thing to have data, it's another to be able to put that data to work to ensure your success. MarketStar has long been recognized for the effort and attention put into program strategies even before the program launches. We employ coverage modeling and geotargeting methodologies to ensure we are covering the optimal markets and demographics for your program, then monitor and report on our efforts through our M*Sight dashboards.

Omnicom Affiliation

As a member of the Omnicom Group (NYSE: OMC), MarketStar is connected to a global network of some of the world's leading sales and marketing companies. This affiliation allows us to collaborate our services with more than 100 companies providing direct marketing, public relations, promotional marketing and marketing consulting. Through this network, we are optimally positioned to provide clients with worldwide coverage.