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Customer Management

Maximizing Every Customer Interaction with Loyalty Building Activities

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to impact future profitability. As competition increases in the direct market, companies begin to compete less on comparable offerings and more on post-sale service and support. Providing world-class service and support to your customers can help you differentiate from competitors while delivering more value to your customers.

If you need help…

  • Delivering world-class post, direct sales service and support
  • Fostering and capitalizing on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities without negatively impacting the service experience
  • Implementing service and support agents that carry sales quotas
  • Diagnosing unacceptable return rates and the rising cost of business through my current customer service center

MarketStar’s Customer Management capabilities provide support to your current customers and capitalize on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with complementary products — effectively addressing customer needs and delivering superior service while fostering up-sell opportunities. Our agents are equipped with the knowledge, skills and technology to effectively represent your products and brand.

Clients engaged in Customer Management use a combination of the following solutions:

Customer Service & Support - Establish a profitable, customer-focused service environment that maintains attention to potential up- and cross-sell opportunities
Customer Loyalty & Renewals - Turn your customers into an army of loyal advocates who promote your products and services on your behalf

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The most profitable customers are usually the ones you already have. Let MarketStar drive sales by building dynamic customer relationships.

MarketStar Can
  • Supply the human and technical resources to effectively support and serve your customers
  • Design and execute loyalty building processes and campaigns by nurturing current clients with relevant marketing content
  • Deploy a team of agents to maximize your sales opportunities by cross-selling and up-selling
  • Gather and analyze service and support data to diagnose return rates, rising costs and other critical business operations
  • Provide solutions and recommendations to improve your post, direct sales support and service