Getting Results from Sales as a Service™

Discovering the best way to reach buyers, and when to engage them is a challenge. Selling requires a constant effort of understanding new customers, segments, and markets. It’s about assembling the right sales team and motivating them to get deals done fast. You can’t always do it alone.

Our sales solutions deploy fully formed – a wholly-enabled revenue engine ready to find new customers, develop existing accounts, and build revenue. MarketStar Sales as a Service™ solutions augment and extend your sales efforts, giving you the expertise, speed, and flexibility to scale NOW. Whether it’s a new market, geography, segment, or product – we do it faster than building from scratch. Efficient, effective, and with a measurable ROI.

Sales as a Service™ in Action
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Great people are the foundation of Sales as a Service™

The right people, fully enabled and focused on selling will create the great experiences needed for growth in a highly competitive business world.

87% of all MarketStar clients said they would recommend us to their colleagues and peers.
2016 Voice of Customer (VoC) Surveys

Scale Your Sales Program Now, Not Later

Customers are more informed, connected, and mobile than ever. They are deliberate with their decisions, and their experience with you begins long before the first sales pitch. Understanding the behaviors and motivations in their evolving buyer journey is critical to creating a great experience.

Our Direct Sales as a Service™ solutions are designed to target the right customers, develop leads smartly, and build-out scalable sales programs — all while efficiently growing your bottom-line revenue. We give you knowledge and flexibility to adapt to an evolving business landscape, which leads to a better sales experience for everyone.

Representing brands like:
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Successful selling requires great experiences

Launching a Direct Sales solution with MarketStar will create the great experiences your customers deserve, and drive the revenue you need to succeed.

Your MarketStar team knows more about Ellucian than probably anyone here.
Robert Scheiss – Ellucian

Build Channel Revenue Today

A productive channel is not easy, but necessary. You may have too many partners, too few partners, or a bunch of partners that have a business model that’s completely outdated or irrelevant. Your channel can drive big revenue, if you have the right partners doing the right things.

Our Partner Sales as a Service™ solutions solve common and complex problems. We get the right mix of partners into your channel, both new and existing, and on-board them rapidly. We get partners to sell, and we do it with consistent engagement and feeding them leads that are ready to talk. It’s done with a turn-key channel sales organization, spun up in weeks, not months.

Representing brands like:
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Partners are looking for great experiences

Our channel solutions help you maximize sales and loyalty with VARs, MSPs, and DMRs, and if they are having great experiences, your bottom line will show it.

MarketStar allows us to see an opportunity and put trained reps in place quickly.
Frank Rauch – VMware

Creating Great Experiences around the Globe

You need to expand into new geographies, and getting there is never an easy task. Sales as a Service™ is global, so utilize our solutions to create great customer experiences around the world.




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