Outsourced Sales and Marketing to Accelerate Revenue

Sales as a Service™ solutions build revenue with guaranteed results. A wholly-enabled revenue engine that launches fully-formed.

We provide highly skilled and specialized sales teams that are informed by data science, guided by time-tested methodologies, and enabled with bleeding edge business technologies.

The science of sales and the art of engagement, blended to help you capture the revenue you need to hit your sales goals.

87% of all MarketStar clients said they would recommend us to their colleagues and peers.
2016 Voice of Customer (VoC) Surveys

Our People are Your People

The foundation of Sales as a Service™ is a highly skilled sales team. A MarketStar team will augment your sales strategy and provide scale into new markets, segments, and geographies.

You don't represent the most admired brands in the world without talent. MarketStar unparalleled in our ability to build, train, launch, and manage expert sales teams.

Data Science Informs Everything

Data in a Sales as a Service™ solution doesn't just measure activity and outcomes, it predicts where you will succeed and guides your strategic direction. Data enlightens everything—including how you coach your team and how to evolve your sale processes.

MarketStar brings your data to life so you can analyze every facet of your business. We help you get smarter about your business so you can drive profitable, loyal customer relationships.

Your MarketStar team knows more about Ellucian than probably anyone here.
Robert Scheiss – Ellucian

Methodologies for Consistency and Reliability

Proven sales methodologies fuel the Sales as a Service™ solution. Methodology drives activity, efficiency and effectiveness, and when infused with superior data and the right people, it decreases your ramp to productivity.

We infuse three decades of best practices with the activities that are already working for you and your sales teams. Our methodologies secure enough to get you immediate results, and nimble enough to evolve as your customer evolves.

Technology Enables Every Action

Sales as a Service™ technology practices enable every sales motion, pre- and post-sale. Technology stacks include sales acceleration, automated outreach, and customer management tools that maximize engagement and speed up activity, revenue and ROI realization.

Consistent customer engagement is essential to driving sales and customer success. We use technology to remove the bottlenecks and time-wasting tasks so you can concentrate on executing revenue plans and tracking overall program profitability.

MarketStar allows us to see an opportunity and put trained reps in place quickly.
Frank Rauch – VMware

Creating Great Experiences around the Globe

You need to expand into new geographies, and getting there is never an easy task. Sales as a Service™ is global, so utilize our solutions to create great customer experiences around the world.

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