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Brian Larsen: Customer Success in the Healthcare Industry

In conversation with our host Jessica Ly, Brian Larsen, VP, Customer Success, Practice Fusion, shares his views on the importance of EHR, challenges of customer success and how to successfully manage a team.

Highlights of the Interview

About EHR 
EHR is an electronic health record (EHR) that can be used across different health care settings. It can be used by different doctors, engaging with the same patient. It records everything from booking an appointment to charting patient visits, thereby aiding in electronic billing of patient insurance, thus driving better health and saving lives.

Focus of Customer Success in Healthcare
Every patient is different from the other, so the focus for the customer success team is to understand each customer and to adapt its approach to meet the particular customer’s needs. Since the customer success team is dealing with patients, they need to make sure that preventive care reaches them on time by making sure doctors focus on helping patients achieve the best possible outcome.

Challenges in Customer Success in Healthcare 
Training teams on customer-facing issues is an ongoing process, involving certification training and information sessions. The aim is to cultivate expertise across various domains, going beyond simply receiving and responding to inquiries to fostering an ongoing conversation with customers. Ultimately, success is defined by our ability to meet their needs and exceed expectations.


Practice Fusion is the #1 cloud-based ambulatory EHR platform in the U.S., supporting 30,000 medical practices in delivering better care to 5 million patients a month. With a best-in-class satisfaction rate, Practice Fusion is committed to delivering intuitive and easy-to-use health IT solutions to small, independent medical practices.


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San Francisco, CA

Brian Larsen, VP, Customer Success, Practice Fusion