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Paul Speciale: Unstructured Data Storage and Management

In this interview, Paul Speciale, Chief Product Officer, Scality, talks to us about unstructured data storage and management and dives into the advantages of shifting to the cloud.

Highlights of the Interview

Media is a Big Sinkhole of Storage

Media has been a big sinkhole of storage because video resolution is getting bigger. Some devices require different resolutions according to their storage capacity. Furthermore, when a video is sent or received, even if the user doesn’t need the video, they might end up keeping it. Hence, the video might end up in storage for a long time, or maybe forever.


Uniting Product Management and Product Marketing

The product management team is responsible for creating and defining a new product, and the product marketing team is responsible for bringing the product to market and putting it on the shelf. Together, their collaboration ensures that innovative products not only meet market demands but also reach and resonate with the right audience.


Scality has built a storage and data management ecosystem to protect and propel our customers into the digital age. Scality storage unifies data management from edge to core to cloud. Our market-leading file and object storage software protects data on-premises and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Powering many of the everyday digital services we all depend on, Scality solutions are trusted by the world’s largest banks, healthcare providers, media companies, transportation, telco and cloud service providers.


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