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Patrick McGrath: Data Management and Privacy

In this episode, Patrick McGrath, Director of Product Management at Commvault, delves into critical issues surrounding security and data privacy. Join us as Patrick delves into how companies can provide exceptional customer experience while maintaining privacy protocols.

Highlights of the Interview

Provide the Right Environment

The environment of a company plays a vital role in an employee’s behavior; a better environment leads to better and more productivity. Employees can be taught responsible behavior by creating an environment where the company can keep an eye on the employee’s behavior with the customers.


Customer Experience

Customer experience is essential, a company should always look forward to satisfying its customers’ needs, if the customer has a good experience, they might share their experience with others which would help the company grow.


Conflict of Privacy

Privacy is a necessity, especially when it comes to the company’s data, the company’s data and customers’ details need to be confidential. If there is more privacy, customers tend to gain trust in the company.


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