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Heidi Hattendorf: Evolution in Product Marketing

In this insightful interview, Heidi Hattendorf, Senior Director & Head of Product Marketing at ArisGlobal, talks to our host Rajiv Parikh about buyer personas, technologies that enable better marketing, and changes in the product marketing domain.

Highlights of the Interview

Developing Buyer Personas  

Creating targeted messages is key in marketing. To achieve marketing success, developing correct buyer personas is one of the top priorities for marketing professionals.


Leveraging Technology to Enable Better Marketing

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Marketing leaders need to pay attention to these advancements to evaluate which of them can be used by their teams to get better results.


Changes in Product Marketing

Product marketing used to be all about products and product launches. While these are still critical areas in the domain, SaaS and cloud models are playing major roles today. With the product marketing space evolving rapidly, constant communication regarding new developments is key.


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