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Joshua Schnoll: The Art of IT Sales

In this interview, Joshua Schnoll, VP of Marketing & Alliances at AppDirect, takes us through the journey of IT sales and shares his knowledge about marketing.

Highlights of the Interview

Automating Manual Processes 

Manual processes are mostly dull and uninteresting, and that makes the employees inefficient. Automating these manual procedures provides the opportunity to free these employees from all the tedious work and enables them to concentrate on other tasks.


The Challenges of Hiring and Retention

The company’s hiring process starts from the very beginning. Well organized hiring helps the company, secure employees who add morale and value to the company. The company needs to practice good recruitment and retention strategies that will lead to a productive staff.


A Brand Refresh

A brand refresh not only tells the audience that you’re updated and relevant; it likewise shows that you’re associated with the industry. A brand refresh is an attempt to reflect a more updated, refreshed picture of your company, reassuring your customers that, despite everything, the company realizes what it’s doing.


AppDirect is a San Francisco-based B2B subscription commerce platform company that brings together technology providers, advisors, and businesses to simplify how they buy, sell and manage technology. More than 1,000 providers, 10,000 advisors and 5 million subscribers rely on the AppDirect ecosystem of subscription marketplaces to power their innovation, growth, and success.


IT Services and IT Consulting


San Francisco, CA, United States