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Amy Scissons: How International Marketing Works

In this interview, our host, Rajiv Parikh, interviews Amy Scissons, Chief Marketing Officer (International Region) at Mercer. Amy shares unique insights into the challenges companies face while marketing internationally and also talks about how businesses can leverage AI in international markets. She goes on to discuss the future of marketing, along with innovations in the digital space.

Highlights of the Interview

Marketing Internationally
Marketing on an international scale requires a different approach from marketing nationally. It requires comprehensive strategies by region and frequently involves teaming up with local companies. The local market also needs to be analyzed, as it is different from other markets.

Implementing AI in International Markets
One of the major problems in the US is the fact that majority of AI and machine learning is being created by men. This can lead to intrinsic bias within AI, which could create problems when trying to use AI in international markets. Bringing in diverse opinions during its development is critical to mitigate potential biases and ensure effectiveness and fairness when using AI.

The Future of Marketing
Marketing is becoming much more digital and technology-driven. As this happens, marketers have to adapt with the times and become more tech-savvy themselves. Data, especially, is key for the modern marketer. Also, marketers need to have a clear understanding of the company’s revenue model while also retaining their creativity.


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Amy Scissons: How international marketing works