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Reza Kamran: Product Marketing Debunked

In this interview, Reza Kamran, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Intermedia, speaks about the best practices of product marketing and strategies of successful product marketing.

Highlights of the Interview

The Wholesale Model and Why It Still Matters  

The wholesale model maintains its significance in today's market, offering a reliable approach to reach a broad audience and sustain robust distribution networks. Despite evolving sales channels, its relevance persists in ensuring widespread product availability and market penetration.


Unveiling Best Practices in Product Marketing

Effective product marketing hinges on a strategic blend of planning and innovative execution. Key best practices include understanding customer needs, crafting compelling value propositions, and leveraging data-driven insights to guide marketing efforts for optimal impact.


The Role of Testing in Product Marketing

Identifying the right persona is crucial for targeted marketing. Rigorous testing and analysis help pinpoint the most accurate customer personas, enabling more effective and personalized marketing strategies that resonate with the intended audience.


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