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Alpana Prabhu: Operational Mindset for Organizational Effectiveness

In conversation with Jessica Ly, Alpana Prabhu, Director of Operations, ServiceNow, speaks about business operations’ role in a product launch. She also dives into partnership and collaboration with functional counterparts, diversity and inclusion, and new evolving learning pathways.

Highlights of the Interview

Understanding the Customer Lifecycle   

Knowing who your customer is and where they are in the lifecycle of your product is crucial. It's important to understand how they are using your product, as this insight can indicate whether they will continue using it and if they are using it correctly.


Leveraging Data for Strategic Insights

Data is essential for informing business strategy and operational focus. By analyzing usage data and customer interactions, businesses can identify patterns and evolve their strategies to target the right business segments and plan effectively for future growth.


Building Strong Cross-Functional Relationships

Successful operations require strong relationships across various functional areas such as sales, marketing, financial planning, and customer service. Collaborating and partnering with operational counterparts helps streamline processes, avoid overlaps, and ensure that each team can focus on their core responsibilities.


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