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Sales Motivation: Top Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

MarketStar representative listening to a podcast for fresh sales motivation.

GettyImages-1128965482Every sales professional needs a little sales motivation now and then. Successful selling is about staying positive and being motivated to win, but keeping that positive energy flowing can be tough sometimes. When it’s hard to get motivated and you need a pep talk, there are plenty of online resources and motivational podcasts to keep those juices flowing.

Here is a list of some of our favorite motivational podcasts. Some of these podcasts are specifically designed to offer sales motivation, while others are more focused on self-improvement, personal growth, and emotional well-being. These are just a few of our choices. We would welcome your suggestions as to your favorite sales motivation podcasts. There’s a great deal of content out there, and we want to hear about the goldmines you have uncovered to keep you motivated.

Top Podcasts for Sales Motivation

Sales Gravy — Hosted by speaker and author Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy is a mixture of how-to, interviews, and motivational messages on all things sales. Podcast lengths vary from five minutes to an hour and cover topics such as overcoming objections, time management, prospecting, developing a positive attitude, and topics every sales rep should explore.

Conversations with Women in Sales — Hosted by Barbara Giamanco, Conversations with Women in Sales specifically addresses the unique challenges that women face in the world of sales, offering practical advice and inspiration to women in sales.  

The Salesman Podcast — If you are looking for inspiration for your soft skills, The Salesman Podcast offers insights into the body language, psychology, and mindset behind closing. Host Will Barron interviews experts on a diverse range of topics designed to inspire and motivate.

Sell or Die — With more than 500 episodes available online, the Sell or Die Podcast with author Jeffrey Gitomer and sales expert Jennifer Gluckow discusses the art and science of selling, including interviews with leaders in sales, marketing, business, and personal development.

SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast — Sponsored by the Sales Benchmark Index, the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast is a weekly dive into sales and marketing topics with Sales Benchmark Index CEO Matt Sharrers in conversation with leaders across various industries.

Make It Happen Mondays — To start your week off with a bang, sales trainer John Barrows offers practical sales tips you can put into action and interviews industry leaders on how they achieve success.

The Advanced Selling Podcast — B2B sales trainers Bill Caskey and Brian Neale apply a funny, quirky, and very real approach to sales every week in The Advanced Selling Podcast, talking about mindset, productivity, prospecting strategies, and ways to achieve sales success.

The Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast — Specifically geared toward the unique challenges facing startups, The Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast is hosted by an early stage venture capital fund, which interviews its industry cohorts to help entrepreneurs tackle the challenges of early revenue generation.

Top Podcasts for Personal Growth

The Michelle Obama Podcast — The former first lady is an inspiration to many, and she launched her own podcast on Spotify in July. In her podcast, she interviews experts on a wide range of subjects related to race, women’s issues, family, aging, mentorship, and much more. Her podcasts are designed to inform and inspire.

The Tony Robbins Podcast — Tony Robbins, one of the world’s most recognized life and business strategists, has his own podcast, in which he interviews international thought leaders on strategies to improve your health, wealth, business success, and more.

The Marie Forleo Podcast — If you are looking for inspiration and actionable strategies to achieve greater success, motivation, happiness, creativity, and fulfillment, Marie Forleo’s podcast includes interviews and success stories to help you find the life and work you love.

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor — If you are just looking for brief, inspirational podcasts to help you make positive changes in your life, The Habit Coach offers a five-minute motivational tip to help you change habits around health, sleep, stress, productivity, relationships, and other aspects of your life.

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Top Podcasts for Mental Health

The Happiness Lab — Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and knows it isn’t found in more money or a better job. In The Happiness Lab, she shares surprising and interesting stories about the true meaning of happiness and how to achieve it.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour — Talking about mental illness makes us uncomfortable, but during The Mental Illness Happy Hour, host Paul Gilmartin helps demystify mental illness by interviewing celebrities and famous figures about their struggles with mental issues and trauma.

Other People’s Problems — Sometimes it is cathartic as well as informative to listen to other people’s problems. In this podcast, therapist Hillary McBride talks to actual clients about the trauma in their lives and how they cope.

These are just a few of the podcasts that are available to help you reset your thinking and develop a more positive outlook to drive your sales career. Sales is a team initiative, and it takes a positive attitude to bring your best game. In addition to finding ways to up your sales game, you should also rely on other team members to help you achieve your goals.

Outsourcing sales training and support can give you new sources of sales motivation and help you improve your sales performance. Engaging with the MarketStar team can help you develop a new focus and new sales strategies that are sure to yield results. If you want to learn how outsourcing can help drive your sales, download our e-book, 5 Outsourcing Strategies for Inside Sales.

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