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Let Outsourced Sales Skyrocket and Drive Your Revenue

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Sales as a Service is growing in popularity year by year with an increasing number of executives seeing the enormous value that Outsourced Sales bring to the table. The high cost of living combined with the long and costly recruiting process, expensive industry turnover, and a future that isn’t very predictable are only a few challenges faced by many organizations today.

But how exactly does outsourcing your sales solve these problems and help your organization? Hop on the MarketStar rocket and let's take a tour of the outsourced sales world.

MarketStar is on a Mission to Create Growth

Your goals and our goals are the same - it is to generate revenue while establishing your brand as a leader in your industry. Many organizations are lacking in either expertise, global infrastructure, or the right technology to deliver the results they want in a quick and sustainable way. Outsourcing your sales enables you to put your focus on developing your product while a specialized sales team hits your targets for you.

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Boosting Your Revenue with Sales as a Service Solutions

We take advantage of the latest technology, tested processes, and have access to comprehensive analytics that allow us to optimize sales processes in real-time. This combined with our expertise in recruiting, onboarding, and coaching top sales performers creates excellent opportunities for your revenue growth. It takes on average 15 months to onboard and train a top-performing sales rep. MarketStar can hire sales teams more than 50% faster than in-house and see results in less than half of the time. So, while in-house teams are still being trained and bringing no revenue - the outsourced sales team is already selling your products. 

Each team is custom-built to suit your product and business needs. Our sales enablement team translates your products into repeatable content for our sales reps while our subject matter experts offer support in all areas of business.

We engage with prospects and establish long-term relationships with your customers while assisting them throughout the buyer's journey resulting in reaching the goals outlined by you. We use historical data, seasonal variations, pipeline reviews, and more to pinpoint trends that can improve our sales performance and guide our decision-making. We do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Whether you are looking to quickly recruit the right candidates or want to supplement your existing sales team, MarketStar is full of talent ready to launch your sales to infinity and beyond your expectations. 

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Rocket Fuel: Can your Infrastructure keep up with change?

When outsourcing your sales, you leave implementing sales solutions and developing infrastructure to us. Our model allows you to scale up or down, eliminating the need for further expenses such as office space and equipment. What's more, outsourcing saves you on the hidden costs of hiring in-house sales teams, benefits, commissions, bonuses, and costs associated with training, not to mention the costs you may incur during an economic downturn. For many companies, your in-house team offers limited capacity to adjust to new markets, MarketStar can scale teams from 5 to 100 reps in less than 12 weeks.

Houston, We've Got Good News

Outsourcing sales requires trust in knowing that our team will represent your product or services as if they were our own. We can operate on performance-based contracts to prove our performance and maintain our reputation as the best. It allows you to offload some of the risks onto us rather than assume all risks of the in-house team performance.

79% of companies that outsource sales reach their targets better than those that have yet to leverage outsourcing. This statistic alone shows that outsourcing your sales team is a low-risk - high-potential return investment. 

Mission Completed

It is estimated that almost 54% of all companies use third-party support teams to connect with customers. MarketStar focus is solely on actively selling your brand and driving your revenue which leaves you with smaller operating costs and more time allocated towards other tasks within your organization. 

Our people become an extension of your team, our Sales as a Service technology practices accompany your customers throughout the whole buying cycle and our technology doesn't only measure results, it guides our way to our mutual success. 

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