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Nurture Leads Toward a Buying Decision

Too much time and money are spent on generating leads, only to have them neglected. With all the focus on new business acquisition, vital prospect and customer communications are neither consistent nor sufficient to make a real impact.

MarketStar aligns your sales and marketing efforts to identify interested leads, qualify opportunities, and deliver a robust sales pipeline. We track the disposition of your leads in relation to the buying cycle and use an intelligent scoring system that triggers alerts as leads mature. Our methodology maps key messages and touch points to guide buyers through the emotional checkpoints of the decision-making process. Ultimately, we remove the guesswork for your sales teams by identifying which leads are ready to buy right now. As a result of this disciplined approach, your funnel actively moves prospects toward final purchase, while you incubate a growing list of future buyers.

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Closed-Loop Lead Management infographic

Learn how MarketStar manages leads to create a robust sales pipeline.

Providing Qualified Leads

Netgear was seeking a way to nurture and qualify existing leads using its current marketing automation tools. MarketStar launched an initial pilot lead management program, which was expanded to a long-term project that includes representation in the U.S. and Canada. The team uses marketing automation to identify, qualify and pass sales-ready leads to a Netgear field sales rep to provide pricing and close the sale.

Deploying a Comprehensive Lead Strategy

Seeking to increase market share in North America, AGCO sought MarketStar's help deploying an integrated solution for engaging and nurturing leads. MarketStar created an end-to-end process for transitioning leads from the top of the marketing funnel to sales-ready opportunities. This includes an integrated hand-off process to account managers and dealers. The result? A solid funnel of qualified opportunities passed directly to dealers to close.

Launching a Complete Solution

How We Can Help

of marketing leads never convert to sales.

MarketStar collects and evaluates prospect data to generate compelling content that engages and nurtures leads through all your digital channels, so you improve your conversion rates.

Source: MarketingSherpa

of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

MarketStar delivers targeted messaging to buyers early in their decision process so your brand stays top of mind and your the first to know when a prospect is ready to engage


of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.

We help you navigate which digital channels will best reach your targeted audience and help you monitor and assess your efforts, so you can build a solid foundation of interested prospects, and nurture them into real sales opportunities.

Source: Gleanster Research