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Streamlined Account Conversion Yields 90% Surge in Customer Satisfaction


Boosting CSAT and Reducing Churn: How MarketStar Transformed Ad Account Conversion Rates

As a leading search engine platform, our client knows the impact of boosting ad account conversion rates for businesses. Optimizing ad campaigns on their platform allows businesses to attract users, leading to better ROI and revenue growth. But here's the kicker – while conversions are great for business, customer satisfaction is equally important. A positive customer experience can be the key to fostering loyalty, driving repeat business, and sparking valuable referrals. 

Preventing churn and minimizing handover delays are crucial for achieving long-term success, which is exactly where client was facing challenges. They knew that losing customers can affect their bottom line, especially since acquiring new ones costs more than retaining existing ones. That's where MarketStar stepped in. Teaming up with our client, we set out to revamp their operational processes and deliver expectational service that would exceed their customers’ expectations. 

Curious to know how we pulled this? Dive into our success story to uncover how we boosted customer satisfaction, slashed churn rates, bid farewell to handover delays, and expanded our client's customer base like never before. 

In this case study, you will learn how MarketStar: 

  • Ensured success by setting up dedicated teams. 

  • Made the five-step account handover process efficient. 

  • Mitigated challenges and improved client experience. 

  • And more! 

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