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High-End E-Commerce Platform Achieves 95% CSAT with Offshore Team


Achieving Global Success: Strategies for Seamless Customer Support

When it comes to selling in the global market, localized customer support is a crucial component. Customers expect support in their native language, adding pressure on organizations to deliver consistent, high-quality CX across various channels. To thrive, e-commerce merchants must not only meet these expectations but also create an omnichannel experience that offers customers a seamless and uniform journey across all channels.

While customer success programs play a pivotal role in driving revenue growth, meeting the increasing demand for personalized, round-the-clock support presents challenges for many customer support teams. For an eCommerce company to succeed, it is important they provide consistent and scalable services to their customers without sacrificing product quality.

That’s exactly what we helped our client, a high-end e-commerce platform, achieve. They partnered with us to help them address the challenges they were facing in meeting their global audience’s needs. From increasing in-house support, to multilingual training, read on to see how we helped them engage their customers while scaling their services up and down without compromising on quality.

Discover, in this case study:

  • The challenges faced by the client when trying to provide multilingual support for a superior CX.

  • The strategies provided by MarketStar to scale the business in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • The solutions implemented to help the client monetize existing and new markets, by effectively engaging with customers in their local language.

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