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Amy Hatch: Engaging customers with content

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Our host Kevin Benedict interviews Amy Hatch, Global Head of Content Marketing at SAP Customer Experience, in this episode of Regalix’s RTalks. Amy shares her valuable insights on customer engagement, communication, agility in content generation and the importance of personalizing content.

Highlights Of The Interview

Customer engagement and communication

“Prospective customers consume your content before coming to the table to make a deal with you. This means that their engagement with your content across various channels is crucial. Consistency is also key. Business interaction with consumers must follow a unified message, irrespective of which stage of the buying cycle the prospect is at.”

Need For Agility In Content Generation

“In today’s constantly transforming business world, marketers have to be agile in the creation of content. A content map is absolutely necessary, and it should be flexible enough to be able to account for unanticipated prospect/customer needs without a hitch.”

Importance Of Personalized Content

“Personalized content exponentially increases customer engagement. Customers won’t engage with a brand unless it’s on their own terms. A personalized customer experience is a truly impactful one. And that’s something all brands should strive towards.”


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