What is Sales as a Service™?

MarketStar pioneered the Sales as a Service™ industry in 1988.

Sales People - The foundation of Sales as a Service

The foundation of the MarketStar Sales as a Service solution is a highly skilled sales team. This team is designed to augment your internal teams and provide scale into new markets, segments and geographies not covered by your existing sales organization. The team is led by seasoned management and placed in an environment designed to foster success and improvement.

You don’t represent the most admired brands in the world without talent. MarketStar is unparalleled in our ability to build, deploy, and manage expert sales teams—in record time. Our dedicated talent acquisition staff establishes a profile for each position, and then utilizes predictive and virtual screening tools and technology to identify and efficiently hire professionals which embody your brand identity and our sales culture.

The orange asterisk in the MarketStar logo embodies the spirit of our culture. Like the color orange, our people are vibrant, energetic, tenacious, warm, and exciting. We empower our teams to find balance in their personal, family, spiritual, and work life, while creating a culture where performance and excellence are expected, monitored, and rewarded.

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The foundation of MarketStar's Sales as a Service is a highly skilled sales team

You can’t rely on ‘script readers’ to build the kind of relationships that lead to long term growth. MarketStar deploys socially connected, engaged sales people who are empowered by data. Now, you can extend coverage into new markets, verticals, or channels with a fully-enabled team seamlessly integrated within your sales culture.

MarketStar provides highly technical sales engineers that supports the sales teams by leading out on solution configurations and competitive comparisons, providing a deep level of technical knowledge in training, and enablement, supporting sales reps and engaged channel partners. These highly specialized professionals have unique skills and abilities including product knowledge, advanced technologies support, sales skill development and sales development.

Dedicated advanced analytic experts, data scientists, and report developers are part of the business intelligence solution that we deploy with every sales team. They are there to support the implementation of your CRM, manage incoming data, and construct custom reporting. Their role includes day-to-day analytics support, program data pulls, standard report delivery, and ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

An “out of the box” solution requires that everything you need to succeed is included. The Sales as a Service solution includes a back-office team that handles all the logistics involved with an active sales organization. Human resources, training, facilities, technical support, and legal & ¬finance professionals.

How We Can Help

Our people are YOUR people

We find people that not only fit the job description, but also your brand identity. They are YOUR front line sales and service representatives, so casting the right person is a key element to your success.

Ongoing Training
Training does not end after the first week

Our exhaustive training program gets people ready to sell faster. We start with program and solution enablement and move right into real-time sales exercises. Consistent coaching makes your teams better and more able.

Have Fun!
An environment of joy and success

We create a culture of success and enjoyment at all levels of our organization. This is a foundation for teams to build their own cultures built on your brand identity and our fast-paced environment.