Maximizing Your Channel

Enhance channel performance at VAR, MSP, DMR, and Distribution

Enable and Drive Your Partners to Find Deals and Make Money

Most companies have a partner channel that ranges from several hundred to tens of thousands of partners. The dilemma they face is in how to best manage these partners and all their respective deals. Companies can no longer rely on traditional channel models; partners need to be enabled for success, regardless of specialty, segmentation or size.

MarketStar has an established process for engaging partners in a way that decreases the time to production, increases satisfaction, and ultimately increases revenue. As we do this, we recognize the need to elevate high performing partners to higher tiers and develop lower tier partners to replace them.

All partners are not created equal, so treating them as such will ultimately result in wasted efforts and inefficiencies. We score your partners to identify where and how a team should focus their efforts to produce the best ROI. This multi-tier sales enablement model provides the right coverage to partners based on their strategic value, revenue and growth potential. We proactively engage all business partners, from VARs, DMRs, OEMs, MSPs, Distributors, and independent software vendors.

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The What and the Why of Partner Profitability

2014 State of Partnering study results

HP needed help activating their lower tier, where many partners were falling through the cracks. MarketStar deployed an automated nurturing solution to initiate activation attempts with thousands of HP partners. HP had an aggressive revenue goal for the 3-month pilot, but as a valued partner we knew it could be done.

• In the first 30 days MarketStar had already exceeded 79% of the 3-month pilot goal, leading to a revised target, requiring nearly double the initial quota. With an average of 50 partner alerts each cycle, MarketStar not only met the new goal, we exceeded it.

NETGEAR had a large number of inactive partners, and needed a cost effective way to engage and reactivate those accounts. MarketStar ran a 90-day automated nurturing pilot with inactive NETGEAR partners. Hand raisers from nurture emails were sent to MarketStar account managers as leads to contact, educate, and engage in opportunities to drive pipeline sales.

• MarketStar’s NETGEAR team exceeded their revenue goal, leading to more nurturing programs that target a significant number of unmanaged accounts each quarter.

How We Can Help

Create a Strong Profile
Of channel partners
evaluate vendor relationships either bi-annually or quarterly

Leverage profile data to make strategic coverage model decisions and recruit the right partners to qualify leads and generate pipeline.

Source: CompTIA

Fortify Your Base
Of top performing organizations
believe recruiting new partners will produce more revenue

Establish stability to your channel by maintaining a base of loyal partners who are actively driving sales through your funnel.

Source: Aberdeen: “Renaissance in Partner Management”

Build Loyalty
Higher costs for vendor firms
which lack a formal channel partner selection criteria

Optimize your sales organization with an on-boarding process that drives each partner to be an active buyer and loyal supporter of your brand.

Source: Sales Benchmark Index