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The ABCs of Lead Qualification

If you are in sales (or a movie buff), you have undoubtedly heard the phrase “ABC, always be closing,” from Glengarry Glen Ross. That may be a good motivational mantra for selling real estate, but it’s less effective in B2B sales. When dealing with lead qualification for B2B technology, selling it makes more sense to think of ABC as “always be consulting.”

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Why I Partnered with MarketStar, Then Chose to Work for Them, Part 1

Having one of your customers sign on to your team is the highest praise any service company can receive. If we can impress our customers enough to quit their job and become a MarketStar employee, we must be doing something right.

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After the (virtual) trade show: 3 tips for following up with leads

Traditionally, trade shows have been a great way to increase market visibility and gather sales leads. Having a booth at a major trade event allows you to speak with prospects and other professionals, learn about what they are seeing in the market, and even talk about points of pain and challenges that your company might be able to address. Unfortunately, trade shows have been on a hiatus since early 2020 due to the pandemic, but there are still virtual trade events, online roundtables, and webinars that attract sales prospects seeking answers. Once you get their contact information, what’s the best strategy for following up with leads?

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What the First 90 Days of Customer Success Should Look Like

When sales organizations look back on 2020, one of their main “lessons learned” might be the importance of Customer Success. With so much uncertainty impacting the economy, sales teams are eager for effective ways to reconnect with their customers and bring new ones into the fold. This year and well into the future, Customer Success will be a key differentiator between losing sales and enabling significant growth. 

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Why Outsource your SDR Team?

This blog was originally published on 10/10/2016 and updated on 12/18/2019. 

Any way you look at it, filling your sales pipeline is a difficult task, and too many companies are relying on their top salespeople to handle routine prospecting. Account executives (AEs) are most valuable when they’re closing deals, which is why outsourcing sales is becoming a more popular strategy with B2B companies. By engaging outside sales development reps (SDRs), account execs are free to close deals and work with customers, which is the real value they bring to any organization.

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5 Creative Ways to Gain More Qualified B2B Marketing Leads

In the world of B2B sales, chasing down qualified B2B leads can be the most frustrating part of any sales rep’s job, but it’s also one of the most important. You need those B2B leads to keep the pipeline full and achieve your sales goals. The truth is that B2B prospects aren’t really harder to find; they have just become more discriminating. Today’s customers are better informed and busier than ever, so you need to adopt more creative strategies to attract qualified B2B leads.

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Before the Pitch: 5 Examples of The Best Sales Conversation Starters

The one thing that all sales professionals have in common is having to make a sales pitch. However, to get to the pitch, you have to start a conversation—and that’s where many sales reps struggle. To help you engage before you can pitch, here are some of our best examples of conversation starters and sales pitches.

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The Psychology Behind a Winning Direct Sales Strategy


When you consider ways to develop a winning sales strategy, how often do you think about sales psychology as part of the plan? Getting prospects to make a buying decision is more than just offering them a better deal or even offering the perfect solution to their problem. You have to build trust and establish the right emotional connection in order to get to “yes!” That’s why more sales professionals are paying closer attention to the psychology of selling.

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Using a Customer Success Program to Boost SMB Sales


Happy customers are your best salespeople. In any SMB sales initiative, part of your mission is to build customer loyalty, not only so those customers will come back to buy more but so they will also serve as brand evangelists. If you can build customer trust and engender loyalty, then that customer will advocate for you. What’s more, keeping happy customers is one-fifth the cost of acquiring new ones.

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Identifying Pain Points During the Lead Qualification Process

You know that you have a great product; your customers tell you so. You are enthusiastic about your product or service and you know that your energy comes across in sales calls. You have a list of all the benefits your product brings to the table. You have even researched the competition and are ready to respond to any objections. So why aren’t you closing more deals?

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