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Nicole is a 28-year-old marketing specialist studying Customer Success trends through the lens of the subscription economy's relationship with outsourced services and sales. She has dedicated the past year towards customer success product development and assisting in market analysis and needs assessment in SaaS industries for MarketStar Corporation.

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Customer Success Requires a Smooth Post-Sales Transition

Closing the deal is only the first step of a successful sale. Once the contract is signed, you have to ensure a smooth transition from prospect to satisfied customer. That is the essence of solution selling: ensuring customer success.

When you understand that customer success is the end game, you can take steps to guarantee that the customer gets maximum value from the contract, starting with a smooth transition from prospect to customer. When you develop an onboarding strategy that focuses on the customer’s needs and on developing a path to solve their problem, you promote greater customer loyalty and increased renewals.

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What the First 90 Days of Customer Success Should Look Like

When sales organizations look back on 2020, one of their main “lessons learned” might be the importance of Customer Success. With so much uncertainty impacting the economy, sales teams are eager for effective ways to reconnect with their customers and bring new ones into the fold. This year and well into the future, Customer Success will be a key differentiator between losing sales and enabling significant growth. Many companies get customer success vs sales confused to their detriment. 

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