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Breakthrough in Cloud-Based Customer Service Platform Demonstrated at CES

MarketStar, the recognized leader in field, voice and digital sales and marketing, and The MediaTile Company, the leader in cloud-based digital signage solutions, are demonstrating a breakthrough in customer engagement at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The breakthrough solution, called the "HumanKiosk," can help brands and other product or service vendors provide experts in more shopping venues, including remote or secondary markets, without the overhead and costs associated with on-site personnel. Beginning this quarter, HumanKiosk pilot programs will be available for customers, brands and other solution providers to adopt in their selling venues.

"With MediaTile's HumanKiosk, an interactive digital signage solution with built-in, live 2-way video, and MarketStar's remote 'video attendants,' consumers can engage interactive digital promotions while also getting their questions answered 'from the cloud'," said Simon Wilson, CEO of The MediaTile Company. "MediaTile is extremely excited to work with our new partner, MarketStar, to leverage their tremendous market presence and leadership in providing brand attendants and associates for many world-leading brands."

"The HumanKiosk is an innovative and ground-breaking solution whose time has now come," said Dave Treadway, President and CEO of MarketStar. "Using our remote on-call experts, we can now deliver the same professional services, with the same personal touch, while eliminating the overhead and logistical complexities of travel and scheduling traditionally associated with sending on-site brand advocates or field personnel to every retail location."

MediaTile's HumanKiosk with MediaCast Video Presence is an all-in-one, free-standing interactive digital signage solution that delivers a breakthrough in brand-to-consumer communications. The cloud-controlled MediaCast system can run pre-scheduled, interactive digital merchandising promotions while also providing a live, two-way video session between a consumer in the store with a question and a representative of that product or service. The system incorporates the latest 4G and 4G LTE high-bandwidth wireless networking services, which are now becoming available from leading carriers. With 4G and 4G LTE networking services, the HumanKiosk requires no on-site network infrastructure, setup or maintenance –  just add power and the system is ready to run.

Unlike customer-driven information delivery technologies and other forms of remote customer service, MediaCast Video Presence is highly engaging and personal. Customers will receive information that is contextually relevant to them, whether by demographic, location or language.

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