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Great Leads Begin with Great Data

Properly cleansing, augmenting, and targeting your prospects before reaching out to them is fundamental to the success of your lead generation program. In fact, fortifying your lead outreach with solid contact data improves productivity by up to 15% and decreases lost sales by up to 27%.

MarketStar uses a proprietary data acceleration solution to give your lead gen programs a boost from day one. 75% of companies waste an average of 14% of annual revenue due to bad data quality MarketStar fills the gaps in your data. This process begins with clean and valid data, followed by an augmentation solution that adds more contacts based on your top targets. With a solid base of contact data, our Target Analysis identifies your ideal customer type. With clean data and pin-point set of targets, lead qualification can begin with confidence.

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Specific Strategies for Outsourcing Inside Sales Functions

What is your strategy for enabling inside sales activities?

SanDisk came to MarketStar with lists of contacts from events and tradeshows they attended. MarketStar Lead Development Reps found the most effective leads by following up with contacts, qualifying them , cleansing the data from the lists, and passing opportunities to SanDisk’s internal sales team.

• MarketStar’s LDRs completed 48,000 distinct activities to contact and disposition over 6,300 leads from 13 different sources; sending only highly quality leads to the internal sales team for close.

How We Can Help

Clean Data Gets Sales
The amount of lost sales recovered by having data properly cleansed before outreach.

MarketStar cleanses, augments and targets your prospect data before lead qualification begins, which is fundamental to a successful qualification motion.

Source: Forrester

Improved Productivity
The percentage of improvement in productivity when starting outreach with clean data.

Clean data gives your marketing automation outreach and 1:1 sales activities a better chance of hitting the right prospects before you send one email or make one call.

Source: Forrester

Bad Data Kills Revenue
of companies waste an average of 14% of annual revenue due to bad data quality.

MarketStar Data Services fills the gaps in your data. This augmentation solution adds more contacts based on your top targets and enhances existing contacts with the most current information.

Source: Experian