Drive Sales & Grow Revenue

Driving demand and sales from SMB to Enterprise

Generate Leads—Not Lists

Generating demand takes more than purchasing a new list. It takes content that personally connects with prospects based on job role, segmentation, and buying stage. It requires the utilization of the right technology to capture interest (both expressed and implied) and the right processes to guide leads through the funnel.

MarketStar identifies potential customers and generates interest by targeting strategic lead sources that deliver real pipeline. We help you focus on being found, so you can build relationships with buyers, and future buyers, early in the decision-making process. Now you can intelligently score and manage leads, identify quality prospects, increase lead-to-opportunity conversion, and shorten your sales cycle.

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Specific Strategies for Outsourcing Inside Sales Functions

What is your strategy for enabling inside sales activities?

Transitioning Prospects to Opportunities

MarketStar engaged thousands of lead contracts in specific territories regarding Windstream's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. Using an integrated approach of digital marketing tools and personal touch points, MarketStar scored and ranked prospects to advance them from the top of the marketing funnel into sales-ready opportunities.

Launching a Complete Solution

How We Can Help

of business buyers say when they’re ready to buy, they’ll find you

MarketStar helps you get found by building relationships with buyers early in the decision-making process and nurturing them through the buying lifecycle.

Source: DemandGen Reports 2013

of buyers want to be contacted by sales within 1-3 days after downloading content

How long is your sales cycle? We identify which leads are ready to be contacted right now so you can lower your cost per lead and accelerate your sales cycle.

Source: IDG Enterprise 2012

of decision making process in today’s buying cycle is fostered and progressed via digital dialogue

MarketStar helps you navigate which digital channels will best reach your targeted audience and then monitors and assesses your efforts, so you can build a solid foundation of interested prospects, and nurture them into real sales opportunities.

Source: TechTarget 2013