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Provide Service Beyond the First Transaction

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Every interaction you have with a customer is an opportunity to impact future profitability. This begins with first contact, and does not end when the transaction is completed.

MarketStar adds consistent effort, high-availability, and quality control for your new customers beyond the moment of sale, leading to superior onboarding and a smooth transition to account management status. Our account management activity allows you to support, incentivize, and sell to current customers, building loyalty and maximizing ROI. Working as an integrated extension of your brand, we build trust with customers through scalable, personalized contact, enabling fruitful relationships year after year and turning support systems into profit streams.

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Specific Strategies for Outsourcing Inside Sales Functions

What is your strategy for enabling inside sales activities?

MarketStar and Cisco have enjoyed a long-term relationship. Cisco’s VSS team at MarketStar increases service sales through focused engagement, continual training on Cisco offerings, community assistance, and excellent service.

• MarketStar grew Cisco’s pipeline to approximately $170 Million while increases bookings quarter-over-quarter

How We Can Help

Loyalty Counts
of your customers
will turnover each year

Design and execute loyalty building processes and campaigns by nurturing current clients with relevant marketing content, triggered based on customer lifecycle stage.

Source:, 2013

Cross-Sell / Up-Sell
of CSOs
wish to improve their organization’s ability to sell to other units within existing customers

Every customer interaction provides opportunity to drive value. We open new revenue streams by capitalizing on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities while delivering a superior service experience for the client.

Source: CSO Insights 2013

Improve Retention
of companies
says customer retention is their most important metric

Gather and analyze service and support data to diagnose return rates, rising costs and other critical business operations.

Source: Oracle. "2013 B2B Commerce Trends"