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Collaboration Is the Key to Accelerating Sales at Square


Congrats on 10 years of success! We here at MarketStar are impressed by the incredible, customer-first business you have built. We are bullish on Square—particularly in the small and medium-sized business (SMB) space—and we admire the ways that Square, alongside Twitter, is working to make our world a better place.

Twitter has been a MarketStar client since 2019. Our dedicated sales reps support Twitter out of our Dublin office by providing digital media customer acquisition and reactivation.

As we help Twitter continue its sales growth, we are also confident we can help Square keep its momentum going and expand its success in the SMB market.

We’ve created four solutions for your consideration:


Chapter 1

Customer Activation

By the end of 2020, customer experience will surpass product and price as the top differentiator of a brand, according to a study by Walker, a leading experience management services provider.

More than ever, customers value how a company treats them—from the initial touchpoint through every stage of the sales cycle and beyond. 

Delivering an exceptional customer experience takes time and resources, particularly in the SMB space, where decision makers can take longer to commit to new investments or changes to the business. 

Our Recommendation

MarketStar will own customer activation, working closely with customers and prospects to motivate them through each stage of the sales lifecycle. Our dedicated sales reps own the entire sales process, from lead qualification to closing, to deliver a cohesive, supportive customer experience. This process includes helping prospective SMB customers understand Square’s pricing models and fee structure, alongside new features and benefits such as On-Demand Delivery

As a trusted Sales as a Service® provider, we have the staff and processes needed to qualify, manage, and nurture leads, close sales, and onboard new Square customers. We can immediately get to work optimizing your customer activation efforts.

"As a trusted Sales as a Service® provider, we have the staff and processes needed to qualify, manage, and nurture leads, close sales, and onboard new Square customers."

Chapter 2

Converting Sales with Chat

When customers or prospects have a question for a company, they wait an average of 12 hours and 10 minutes for a response from customer service, according to a recent survey by SuperOffice, a cloud CRM company.

Unfortunately, the odds of qualifying a new lead decrease by 10 times after just five minutes. 

Luckily, there is a proven way to respond to your customers and prospects more quickly. In a B2B software as a service (SaaS) survey conducted by Drift, a conversational marketing platform, the companies that had the fastest customer service response times use live chat on their websites. This is no accident: Chat improves conversion by offering instantaneous support. 

Our Recommendation

We recommend establishing a MarketStar chat team to support Square from lead qualification to conversion. 

Chat can be deployed across the customer lifecycle to produce three key outputs: 

  1. Deep insights into the prospect and customer experience 
  2. Greater adoption and product education, which is particularly helpful for familiarizing prospects with Square’s hardware and software products and newer SMB services
  3. Help for customers who need to overcome a specific point of friction in the purchasing process—for example, understanding what additional technology their business requires and exploring the fee structure 

Real Results

Two of our industry-leading SaaS clients added MarketStar chat teams and followed a strategic approach to conversion. For both clients, chat is now an indispensable part of their demand generation strategy, delivering the following results: 

  • 14.5 times more leads from Sales Chat than from Contact Us forms
  • 6.7 times more revenue from Sales Chat leads than from Contact Us leads alone

"Chat improves conversion by offering instantaneous support. "

Chapter 3

Expanding Square’s Reach in the SMB Space

Square is already a favorite among SMBs; however, there is still significant momentum to be gained in this space—especially in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, when many SMBs are struggling to quickly incorporate e-commerce.

You have an opportunity to quickly ramp up your SMB sales efforts with new sales plays to stay relevant and ensure that Square isn’t missing out on valuable sales.

Our Recommendation

This is where MarketStar can help: Our Sales as a Service model offers instant access to a team of professional sales reps who will extend your in-house sales team to help you promote e-commerce services, as well as the rest of your hardware, software, and services offering.

Because SMB decision makers are short on time and funds and often risk-averse, they generally require a careful sales approach. As a result of COVID-19, many SMBs will likely be even more cautious about spending capital—but also hungry for solutions that will help their business adapt to our changing times.

Our team can help you:

  • Qualify leads
  • Reach new markets with our global footprint
  • Experiment with new pricing models and product offerings
  • Expand your sales operation without additional staff or overhead
  • Support customer retention, upselling, and cross-selling

"Because SMB decision makers are short on time and funds and often risk-averse, they generally require a careful sales approach."

Chapter 4

Customer Success

Investing in new customers can cost up to five times more than retaining existing ones. By implementing a Customer Success strategy, you extend the lifetime value of each customer and build relationships that are set up for long-term success. 

In Totango’s 2019 State of the Customer Success Industry and Salary Report, the majority of respondents expressed their belief that Customer Success should be the next function within their organization to undergo digital transformation.

Our Recommendation

We recommend that Square completes the full sales cycle by investing in Customer Success. This involves:

  • Refining your strategy
  • Implementing new resources that deliver the best experience for your customers
  • Focusing on fully orchestrated customer engagement to promote sustained, long-term revenue growth 

MarketStar offers three customer touch delivery strategies to suit your specific needs:

  • High touch, which uses a blend of customer intelligence and a consultative approach to deliver a white-glove, personalized engagement
  • Low touch, in which Customer Success managers (CSMs) and technologies manage a large book of business, leveraging data and technology to lead their customer base
  • Tech touch, which is primarily driven through technology to leverage email triggers, online community, webinars, and resource centers

"By implementing a Customer Success strategy, you extend the lifetime value of each customer and build relationships that are set up for long-term success. "

Chapter 5

The Benefits of Outsourcing with MarketStar

Square continues to evolve its business, stay relevant, and help more than 64 million SMBs succeed.

When Square’s innovative nature is coupled with the sales strength of MarketStar—which has provided dedicated sales services to the best companies in the world for more than 30 years—we will form an unstoppable partnership.

MarketStar has a positive proven track record of working with both large and up-and-coming SaaS brands to grow their businesses. We are committed to our clients and their success. Our average client tenure is eight years (for example, Intel has been with us for 22 years). The brands we represent come to rely on our knowledge of and experience with getting the most out of their customers. 

We are currently launching new sales teams in 4-6 weeks (in a remote environment), followed by an in-depth training of your products and then a go-live date. 

Working as an extension of your in-house team, MarketStar will provide Square with best-in-class technology and support to ensure program efficiency based on best practices, market trends, and other insights. Our reporting gives Square clear visibility into program operations and how we optimize performance. We set aggressive KPIs and hold reps accountable for delivering on program objectives that lead to results that impact the business.

We at MarketStar understand the dynamic nature of building multiple motions for your brand and are prepared to scale as needed to maximize program investment.

"We are currently launching new sales teams in 4-6 weeks, followed by an in-depth training of your products and then a go-live date. "

Chapter 6

Mini Case Studies

MarketStar has a positive proven track record of working with both large and up-and-coming SaaS brands to grow their businesses. 

Pinterest, Outbound Sales, 2016-present

Pinterest came to MarketStar after seeing the great work MarketStar had done for AdRoll in the digital marketing space. Its aim in working with MarketStar was to boost SMB sales. MarketStar committed to delivering its desired ROI, which has gained the trust of Pinterest stakeholders and has helped the team scale year over year.

What MarketStar does for Pinterest today:

The MarketStar/Pinterest team manages outbound sales, in the motions of customer acquisition and account management, as well as top-of-funnel lead qualification.

Team size: The MarketStar/Pinterest team started with 20 reps and within two years grew to more than 160 reps. In 2020, the team will expand even further.

Asana, Sales Support, 2018

Asana was referred to MarketStar by a contact at Dropbox (a client since 2014). Asana came to MarketStar seeking a partner to scale its sales organization, add support, and maximize growth potential. The company wanted to generate more opportunities and close sales from inbound leads that came via chat.

What MarketStar does for Asana today:

MarketStar/Asana chat sales reps (CSRs) reactively engage with prospects via LiveChat as inbound leads come through Asana’s website. Reps in MarketStar’s Utah and Dublin offices qualify leads by delivering Asana’s value proposition, answering questions, and creating an overall positive brand experience within three B2B segments. As chats come in, CSRs respond to the conversation within one minute of receiving requests, and qualify leads with up to three prospects at a time.

Team size: The global MarketStar/Asana team grew from a starting team of 11 to its current size of 50 within a year. 

Dropbox, Support, 2014-present

Initially, Dropbox asked MarketStar to develop and implement an insides sales strategy to address its SMB marketplace.

What MarketStar does for Dropbox today:

The first motion grew to the point that MarketStar now represents 99 percent of Dropbox’s entire global SMB workforce. Some of these motions include: inbound chat, inbound phone calls, and inbound webforms. The MarketStar/Dropbox team also covers outbound calls, including prospecting to close the sale.

After initially launching with a team of 10 for handling inbound-only leads, the MarketStar/Dropbox team expanded into more technical roles to include outbound motions with higher-level prospects and replicate global efforts to address Dropbox’s EMEA and APAC theaters from Dublin and Melbourne respectively. Today, our MarketStar/Dropbox team of approximately 200 drives tens of millions of dollars in annual recurring revenue.

Team size: 200+

Google G Suite, Outbound Sales, 2019-present

Google came to us seeking help with an inside sales Customer Success program, with a true sales DNA philosophy. The goal was to march through 100 new leads per week per rep, and upsell/cross-sell on G Suite.

What MarketStar does for G Suite today:

The MarketStar/G Suite team handles the Atlas program for Google G Suite. The program started in May 2019 with a focus on the 20-to-250-seat segment, and during that time, MarketStar was able to successfully launch and execute a pilot program in the middle of Q4. This program was focused on the 10-to-19-seat segment with Google, which never had a human touch to it. 

The main goal of this team continues to be outbound sales by way of cross-selling and upselling into Google's current client base. Because of the success of both segments, Google has requested an expansion of the MarketStar/G Suite team to 10 additional account managers and one additional sales manager. With the expansion of the MarketStar/G Suite team, the team will have a total of 27 account managers, three sales managers, and one program manager.

Team size: 31

Pandora, Phone Based, 2018-present

Pandora came to us asking for help engaging the SMB and midmarket advertisers on its digital platform. It asked MarketStar to deliver leads to create viable opportunities for sales and increase overall pipeline and pipeline velocity.

What MarketStar does for Pandora today:

The MarketStar/Pandora sales development reps (SDRs) contact leads that come from inbound website activity and outbound marketing campaigns for qualification and opportunity identification. The SDR team utilizes Infer to prioritize leads and a combination of email and phone outreach in a prescriptive Outreach.io sequence to contact and engage high-potential leads. The qualified sales-ready leads are then passed to Pandora’s internal inside sales team, who convert the leads to active opportunities and close the sale.

Team size: XX

Waze, Support, 2018-present

MarketStar reached out to Waze to introduce our solution for advertising sales, particularly in the SMB space. A pilot program was launched in 2018.

What MarketStar does for Waze today:

The MarketStar/Waze team is responsible for lead development and SMB sales, supporting the top of the Waze funnel. The team is dedicated to three areas of support: evaluating ideal partners, customer acquisition, and partner management. Upon being effectively enabled, the MarketStar/Waze partner managers are tasked with achieving revenue targets. The MarketStar/Waze team serves as a consistent inside resource for assigned partners to grow, support, and close partner revenue streams.

Team size: 12

"We are ready to help you scale your sales team by becoming an extension of your brand! MarketStar is a pure-play B2B outsourced sales agency with proven results. Right now, we are committed to launching our new sales teams in 4-6 weeks.  We can support you with a team as small as five reps, to a full-cycle sales team of more than 200 reps."

Let’s discuss how we can accelerate your sales efforts for the remainder of 2020 and hone-in your strategy moving into fiscal year 2021.
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