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Why Choose MarketStar

[1] Focus on Sales

We are a commercial-oriented, quota-bearing sales organization capable of tailoring a strategic multi-channel sales model to fit unique business needs. Many outsourced sales companies talk about sales, but few match MarketStar in our ability to deliver actual results. Each year, MarketStar's teams drive more than $6 billion in sales for our clients, and indirectly influence billions more.


[2] Performance-Based Culture

MarketStar's programs repeatedly exceed our clients' sales quotas. Since MarketStar typically provides sales teams to drive incremental client revenue, we have developed pay-for-performance plans for several clients. As a result, MarketStar shares in the risks as well as the rewards of our client programs.


[3] Multi-Channel Sales Experience

MarketStar has extensive Retail, Channel and Direct sales experience. We have experience and resources to execute both consumer and business-to-business programs. The extent of these offerings encompasses a variety of channel support, sales and marketing capabilities, creating a one-stop-shop for channel engagement.


[4] Business Intelligence Expertise

In addition to delivering results through a variety of sales channels, MarketStar's M*Sight business intelligence solutions add value by validating outsourcing investments with our detailed sales, profitability and ROI analysis and reporting. Competitive data reporting gives you an inside look at how consumers and associates view your product and offers insight on how you can maximize your sales potential.


[5] Field, Phone and Digital Integration

In the last two decades, MarketStar has deployed more integrated field-, phone- and digital- based sales campaigns in the Consumer Electronics and Information Technology industries than any other company. We don't just deploy representatives in markets; we use a unique tier-based structure and intelligent coverage model to optimize the program by focusing on areas of greatest potential.


[6] Omnicom Group Affiliation

MarketStar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omnicom Group (NYSE: OMC), the largest marketing communications company in the world. Omnicom's branded networks and specialty firms provide advertising, strategic media planning and buying, direct and promotional marketing, public relations, and other specialty marketing services to some of the world's leading companies. We collaborate with other Omnicom members to better serve our clients.


[7] Global Deployment Expertise

Clients have increasingly turned to MarketStar to expand globally. We've delivered by extending our services throughout North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. With permanent establishment in countries across six continents, MarketStar offers in-country billing, potentially saving you millions in foreign currency conversion fees.


[8] Compliance with National Retailer Requirements

MarketStar represents some of the world's leading consumer brands, providing coverage in every major market and all key retail outlets, including big-box, mass-market, specialty, and independent retailers. Meeting the rigorous standards set by Best Buy to become one of only seven Best Buy-approved third-party providers, MarketStar meets similar standards with Wal-Mart, Fry's, and other regional outlets.


[9] Scalability and Flexibility

MarketStar has the infrastructure to customize, hire, and deploy your team — on a wide or small scale — under rigorous timelines. This flexibility enables our clients to launch pilot programs in new markets with virtually no risk before committing to an investment.


[10] Powerful PartnerDynamics™ Application Platform

PartnerDynamics, our proprietary application, allows MarketStar to store and monitor program activities, metrics, and sales. Capable of handling tens of thousands of transactions per day, the PartnerDynamics system has proven itself in major MarketStar programs by providing a comprehensive picture of every account's sell-through, maximizing program effectiveness.

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