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A great customer experience is your most powerful revenue engine. To deliver a great customer experience through customer success you must first understand the journey your customer is on – who they are, how they feel, and what outcomes they seek.

Only then can you start to delight them. Only then can you deliver the right interaction, to the right person, at the time they need it most.

Customer Success with MarketStar complements and enhances your current customer success program or can be launched as a turn-key solution. Together, we generate a blueprint for an orchestrated customer journey, integrate your technology and human engagement, and craft a solution that simplifies and scales how XaaS companies interact with customers and grow revenue.

Orchestrate and Operationalize the Customer Journey

MarketStar’s customer success solution is an end-to-end solution that helps companies assess, design, implement and optimize a customer success discipline that aligns the entire organization around the customer.

This service is built around three core product areas: strategy and design, technology and intelligence implementation, and managed customer engagement.

  • Align your organization around an actionable customer journey blueprint
  • Purchase, implement and orchestrate a technology and intelligence suite
  • Launch and scale with flexible, end-to-end digital and human engagement




Strategy & Design

Align your organization around an actionable customer journey blueprint. Here’s how we do it:

  • Know Your Organization – Assess your organization’s readiness with a Customer Success Maturity Assessment
  • Map the Customer Journey – Discover, design, and deliver the ideal customer journey
  • Understand what Customers Value – Understand why your customers buy and their desired outcomes through a Customer Value Assessment


“In today’s Customer Centered Economy, a company-wide focus on the customer is key for enterprises looking to compete and win.” -Totango

Customer Maturity Assessment

Technology & Intelligence Implementation

Purchase, implement and orchestrate a customer-centric technology and intelligence suite. Here’s how we do it:

  • Build the Right Tech Stack – Architect and implement the right technology
  • Operationalize the Journey – Integrate technologies to activate people and trigger processes
  • Activate Through Intelligence – Apply proactive and predictive analytical models to improve the experience

“Journey orchestration is a practice — part science and part art. Having the right data and insights — and the right tools — is important, but it’s not enough. . . to execute at scale, you also need the right skills, the right governance, and the right operational model.” - Forrester

Customer Success Essential During Crisis
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Customer Engagement

Launch and scale with flexible, end-to-end digital and human engagement. Here’s how we do it:

  • Advanced Process Design – identify and define the key moments-of-truth
  • Dynamic Customer Engagement – deploy the perfect blend of human and digital touch
  • Specialized Talent – activate success-oriented talent to deliver the best human interaction

“The foundational principle of the dynamic engagement model is to put the right resources at the point in the customer’s journey that delivers the best possible experience, but in the most cost-effective manner.” - TSIA

How We Have Responded to COVID-19