Delivering Results

begins with Sales as a Service
The design and execution of B2B revenue growth programs

Create the Growth You Need with
the Consistent Results You Expect

Your growth plan could use a fully-formed sales engine that augments and extends your current sales force. Accelerate your growth plan by partnering with MarketStar on a highly skilled and specialized revenue team that is informed by data science, guided by time-tested sales processes, and enabled with the latest and greatest sales technologies. Whether you are seeking new customers, enabling your channel partners, or taking care of your current customer base, we have the solution to help you hit your revenue goals.
Grow consistent revenue and increase the lifetime value of your customers – all through your most vital route to market. Our Sales as a Service™ solutions build revenue with measurable results -- that's just what your bottom-line needs. 
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We Drive Results for Companies of
All Stages and Sizes.

Our solutions are tailored to help you hit your specific business goals


Established Enterprises

When you need to augment what you have and experiment with something new.


Hyper Growth Companies

When you are experiencing explosive growth and need to expand into new areas.


Late Stage Start-Ups

When you have the funding to begin your ascent to revenue expansion.

We know your market, your products, and your business, now let's scale and uncover more growth.

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IT Services

Simplify sales to increase market share and open new markets.


XaaS Solutions

Lower your acquisition costs and ramp to revenue faster.

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Digital Advertising

A performance-driven sales engine built to acquire advertisers.


Social Media

Amplify your platform and monetize stories that connect with your audience.


Computer Hardware

Open new markets and grow existing share of wallet with innovative sales tactics.


Network Telecom

Move legacy and cloud-based services via direct sales and through partners.

It starts as a growth-focused PARTNERSHIP with MarketStar.

Here's how we do it ...

Our People become YOUR People.
The foundation of Sales as a Service™ is a highly skilled sales team. You need a team that augments your sales strategy and provides scale into new markets, segments, and geographies. MarketStar is unparalleled in our ability to build, launch, and manage expert sales teams. And you don’t create growth without global talent, which we have both in-office and in work-from-anywhere environments.
Technology that ENABLES every action
Sales as a Service™ technology practices enable every sales motion. Consistent customer engagement is essential to driving sales and customer success. We use technology to remove the bottlenecks so you can concentrate on executing revenue plans and tracking profitability. Tech stacks include sales acceleration, automated outreach, and customer management tools.
Data Science informs EVERYTHING.
Data in a Sales as a Service™ solution doesn’t just measure activity and outcomes, it predicts success and guides your strategy. Data enlightens everything – including how you coach your team and how to evolve your sales processes. MarketStar brings your data to life so you can analyze every facet of your sales motion. You get smarter about your customers, so you can help them be profitable and loyal.
Methodologies built for CONSISTENCY.
Proven sales methodologies fuel the Sales as a Service™ solution. Method drives activity, efficiency, and effectiveness. When used with data and the right people, it decreases your ramp to productivity. We infuse three decades of best practices to find what works your sales team. Our methodologies are secure enough to get you immediate results, and nimble enough to evolve as your customer journey evolves.
Local Execution,  Global CONSISTENCY.
MarketStar extends your international revenue reach while providing the simplicity and value of localized execution. Our global teams mirror the organization and support of their U.S. counterparts, but with localized day-to-day management based on in-country culture and laws. Sales as a Service on a global level is a single management platform, a single point of contact, and worldwide consistency.

Local Execution with Global Consistency

Regional Expertise and Management with Global Stability and Oversight


We EXCEL Where You Need To Grow

MarketStar extends your international sales and marketing reach while providing the simplicity and value of localized execution through our regional and local offices:

  • Ogden/Salt Lake City, Utah (Global Headquarters)
  • Dublin, Ireland (European Headquarters)
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Cebu, Philippines
  • Melbourne, Australia
Our global teams mirror the organization and support of their U.S. counterparts, but with localized day-to-day management based on in-country culture and laws. Sales as a Service on a global level means a single management platform, a single point of contact, and worldwide consistency in your global center of excellence.

North America

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Asia Pacific

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Latin America

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