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Shopper Engagement

In the age of mobile and social advocacy, what are you doing to ensure sales at retail?

Create measurable sales uplift while making a powerful impression on shoppers during a product launch, pilot, peak season or other crucial timeframe. MarketStar engages shoppers through multiple touch points along the buyer journey, both digitally and in person to drive targeted traffic to retail and ensure the engaged shopper purchases while in store.

If you need help…

  • Identifying your ideal customers and understanding how and where they shop
  • Driving sales of a new product
  • Improving sales in new or under-performing markets 
  • Supporting Customer learning through product demos or assisted sales
  • Maximizing sell-through during peak buying cycles like weekend s and holidays

MarketStar's Shopper Engagement solutions can enhance the customer experience and drive measurable results through strategic product engagement from our highly trained representatives. From in-store product demos to alternative retail and kiosk management, MarketStar has the expertise and infrastructure to build and execute your strategy.

Clients utilizing Shopper Engagement use a combination of the following solutions:

Assisted Selling — Pairing Market Strategy with Assisted Selling gives you a strategic approach to targeting consumers
Kiosks and Alternative Retail — Expand the experience with your brand to other places where consumers shop and play
Marketing Services — Create and deliver consistent, strategic marketing messages to your target audience

Marketing Outsourcing Case Study Download

Leveraging our experience and expertice in shopper engagment, Marketstar influenced over 60,000 app downloads in just three months.

MarketStar Can
  • Increase product sell-through while making a powerful connection between shoppers and your brand
  • Engage shoppers through multiple touch points before and at the point of sale, online and offline
  • Carry your marketing messages seamlessly throughout the buyer journey
  • Create measurable sales uplift during a product launch, pilot, peak season or other crucial timeframes