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Retail Expansion Coverage When and Where You Need It Most

Increase your retail expansion and make an impact while controlling your costs. The FlexTeam™ can quickly launch your product or manage events on a scale customized to your go-to-market needs.

Decreasing product lifecycles and heavy competition force many manufacturers to hit the market as rapidly as possible. The FlexTeam™ solution allows you to quickly increase your retail expansion, improving your experiential marketing efforts and quickly making an impact while controlling costs.


  • Develop a strategic plan to help launch new products, categories, or brands
  • Implement strategies to develop and maximize your company's presence in key markets
  • Engage with your retail channel during peak shopping seasons
  • Deliver the right amount and type of in-field coverage that capitalizes on fluctuations in shopper traffic

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FlexTeam Retail Sales sheet
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Case Study 

Entering the
Market despite

While other manufacturers were reluctant to engage in new ventures during the economic downturn, a new player in the technology industry decided to launch its revolutionary new portable television product. MarketStar was selected to help them create brand awareness, instill product knowledge and generate sales. MarketStar’s FlexTeam conducted training in 700 electronic retail locations in a single week, and assisted with selling activity in 500 of the locations each weekend. Results exceeded projected sales figures, prompting the manufacturer to turn the initial seasonal program into a full-time, year-round project.