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Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing Driving Bottom-Line Results

Revolutionary changes in buying behavior in both B2B and B2C sprouted over the last few years. The Internet’s easy access to information has shortened the sales process between when prospects engage and when they make a final decision. It’s more crucial now than ever for you to have qualified sales force in the right place, at the right time to convert these leads into customers.

A professional sales force is difficult to develop with limited time and resources. MarketStar’s Sales Outsourcing solution is the quick, effective way to boost your existing sales efforts. We provide highly educated and qualified sales professionals, combined with best-in-class infrastructure to seamlessly integrate your product, service or brand. Whether you need ongoing sales support or just a seasonal boost, our team stands ready.


  • Execute strategic Sales Outsourcing plans that maximize your demand-generation investment and increase sales trough sales outsourcing
  • Implement a quota-bearing inside sales or outside sales force skilled in closing opportunities
  • Quickly on-board a professional, high-quality sales force that makes immediate impact with top-tier accounts
  • Access the expertise and a proven sales process to effectively sell into SMB markets, specific verticals, or specialized segments
  • Deploy a sales force to drive customer acquisition during peak and seasonal support or to cover new territories

Clients engaged in outsourced Sales Outsourcing also use…

Market Strategy — Is your sales process aligned with your prospects buying cycle?

Lead Nurturing— Ensure your sales reps are provided with real opportunities — not just a list of contacts.

M*Sight Business Analytics— Need data to make informed sales outsourcing decisions?

Sales Outsourcing Case Study Download

MarketStar’s SMB sales experts know how to
succeed in niche verticals including online advertising.

MarketStar Can
  • Off-load time-consuming support activities and provide customized training curriculum to get sales professionals prepared
  • Provide high quality sales professionals that will quickly develop leads into opportunities
  • Deploy an inbound or outbound sales team to provide you additional peak and seasonal support to improve direct sales channel results
  • Execute strategic sales and support plans that will maximize your demand-generation investment and increase sales
  • Implement a B2B Sales Management Methodology to ensure proper distribution and tracking of opportunities