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IT Trends to Incorporate Into Your Channel Partner Strategy

When developing your channel partner strategy, you need to consider what’s in it for everyone in the value chain. Channel relationships are about creating mutual value, which means not only moving more goods through your distributors and resellers, but helping them help you by providing the marketing tools and expertise to sell the latest IT solutions. Your channel is only as strong as the amount of effort you put in to support it, so when devising a channel partner strategy, you need to help partners keep current with the latest technology trends so they can stay agile, especially when you consider the rapid pace of change in the tech marketplace.

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Considerations for Partnering with an Outsourced Sales Agency

Outsourcing your sales needs to an agency is an investment. That’s why it’s important to consider your needs before you make the switch. It’s important to interface with a vetted, trusted organization with years of experience—and it’s equally essential to partner with an agency that caters to your specific needs. Do you want a Swiss Army Knife? An agency who can do a little bit of everything, without any specializations? Or do you want an agency that is focused on what they do best?

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Software-Defined Data Centers

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Software Defined Data Centers

Software-defined data centers (SDDCs) continue to become an attractive option for organizations looking to maximize versatility with their data environments. According to a report from Allied Market Research, the market for SDDCs will grow to an impressive $139 billion by 2022. Organizations that get on board with this trend will be well-positioned for this expansion.

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The Role of Thought Leadership in Partner Enablement

To succeed in channel sales, it’s essential to emphasize thought leadership as a way to enable existing partners and attract new ones. According to Forbes, thought leadership takes marketing to a new level. It increases the visibility of your organization by accelerating marketing efforts to accomplish goals and generate new leads.

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Finding Cloud Partners that will Transact starts with Channel Readiness

Guest Blogger David O'Brien, with Partner Perspectives shares insight gained from living in the partner world (while operating a reseller business). He understands, firsthand, what works and what doesn't work with vendors and the relationship investment made to succeed with channel partners. MarketStar and Partner Perspectives have joined forces to create a Channel readiness program that provides Channel assessment, planning, implementation, and framework guidance to position vendor channel partners for maximum performance.

The world around us is constantly changing. Gartner predicts by 2021, 28% of all IT spending will be for cloud-based infrastructure, middleware, application and business process services. As the economy changes, so do the preferences and purchasing habits of users. This in and of itself creates a change in the delivery model to those same customers. Partners, too, are in the throes of transformation - thanks largely to the bold digital world that we're now living in. 

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Channel Management Best Practices: Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy

You’ve started the process of building a cloud strategy in the channel. You know that the cloud requires scale and volume, which is a far cry from on-premises strategies. In a previous blog post, we discussed how vendors must begin this transition to the cloud. For starters, they must have a business model that offers partners a promise of new revenue—and a fully enabled plan to get them there.

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Leveraging Sales Data: 4 Considerations for Success


Sales teams that do not leverage data and analytics will always be one step behind their competition. The ability to see trends, identify habits (both good and bad), and measure key activities is crucial to running a highly effective sales team. Analytics can tell you whom to target, when you should reach out, and how to best position your pitch.

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How to Empower Your IT Channel Partners to Adapt to the Rise of the Cloud

It’s no secret that IT channel partners are an essential component of the cloud. However, for vendors with new cloud-based offerings, or those looking to fully embrace the cloud, it’s important that they lay the necessary groundwork to ensure that their partners are set up for success—and that they make the cloud work from both a financial and operational standpoint. Vendors must understand how partners’ business models are constructed and have a strategy for rolling out a new cloud-based program across their channel sales model. They must be able to ensure that partners can respond to this evolution and support the success of the channel. Otherwise, they run the risk of spending time and money missing the mark.

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How Millennials Are Changing Business-to-Business Selling



Do you speak Millennial? Vaughn Aust does. Having worked with millennials extensively in his current role at MarketStar (EVP, Marketing and Product), Vaughn has gained valuable knowledge on how to reach, manage, and train this critical segment.

Vaughn will be a part of an engaging panel discussion on millennials Wednesday, Oct. 4th at the Egyptian Theater in Ogden, UT, hosted by the Northern Utah Workforce Development Alliance. Register for this event by following this link.

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The 3 Step Process to Recruit Partners for Your Channel

Attracting partners to your channel is art blended with science. While channel teams can leverage tools and technology to facilitate the process, it ultimately depends on their ability to identify ideal partner segments, discover the best candidates, and create relationships that stand the test of time. Despite the fact that recruiting partners for your channel may take some finessing, there are some tricks to the process.

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