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Recent Posts by Matt Saydah

Matt has a proven global business leader focused on delivering data -and people-driven results. He is an experienced outsourcing strategist consistently building successful and sustainable sales motions for ad, media, and direct sales teams - inbound and outbound sales, pre-sales, and post-sales motions. He is passionate about people, culture, diversity and inclusion, and building strong mentoring networks that drive revenue and people growth. We are so proud to welcome him to our MarketStar team.

Why I Partnered with MarketStar, Then Chose to Work for Them, Part 2

In our last blog, we talked to Matt Saydah, MarketStar’s senior director of ad and media sales, about his personal experience working with MarketStar as an outsourced services provider during his time at AdRoll and Dropbox, and about what he thinks about MarketStar as an employer. This is the second half of that interview.

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Why I Partnered with MarketStar, Then Chose to Work for Them, Part 1

Having one of your customers sign on to your team is the highest praise any service company can receive. If we can impress our customers enough to quit their job and become a MarketStar employee, we must be doing something right.

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