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Ian describes himself as a "Professional Collage Maker." With skills acquired from parallel career paths in Marketing & Design, Audio/Video Engineering, and Project Management, Ian joined MarketStar with an ambition to translate the company's vision and message into tangible, creative, client-winning formats. He strives to seek out, study, and implement new business innovations and creative solutions with his mind set toward the success of his entire team. At the end of each day, Ian shifts focus from RFPs and team huddles to being a genuine role model for his son and to living life's incredible moments with his girlfriend.
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Ingredients of a Successful Foundation

Here is a fun metaphor, “My business is my baby.

Throughout my years working alongside SMB marketing strategists as a sales funnel architect, I heard this metaphor more times than I could count. Additionally, as a touring musician between 2013 and 2017, the same metaphor was heard again, but in different context, “My guitar/bass is my baby.” For years, I assumed I fully understood the message this metaphor implied, but after becoming a parent, I finally get it. Businesses are indeed like children. They are brought into this world without the knowledge of where they want to go or how to get there, but like unto children, with a proper foundation to build upon, they can grow and become successful.

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