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Why There is a Need for Customer Success

The overall success of any sales and marketing initiative ultimately hinges on customer success. It’s one thing to complete a sale or close a contract, but the ultimate goal is to ensure that the customer receives maximum value from the sale or engagement. Turning a sale into a successful engagement means happy customers, which translates into additional sales to those customers and reduced customer churn.

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Know WHO Your Customer Really Is – A Fundamental Foundation of Customer Success

The old cliché tells us that the “customer is always right.” While the validity of such an old business myth may ring true in many situations, it is ABSOLUTELY true when it comes to learning about who your customer is and what keeps them using your product or service. To effectively master customer success, you first need to truly understand who your customer is. Customer Success is about helping your customers achieve their desired outcomes, and if you don't understand who your customer is, what they value, and the goals they have, how are you going to make them successful?

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Why I Partnered with MarketStar, Then Chose to Work for Them, Part 2

In our last blog, we talked to Matt Saydah, MarketStar’s senior director of ad and media sales, about his personal experience working with MarketStar as an outsourced services provider during his time at AdRoll and Dropbox, and about what he thinks about MarketStar as an employer. This is the second half of that interview.

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Why I Partnered with MarketStar, Then Chose to Work for Them, Part 1

Having one of your customers sign on to your team is the highest praise any service company can receive. If we can impress our customers enough to quit their job and become a MarketStar employee, we must be doing something right.

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Outsourcing Sales Continues to Rise: 3 Drivers of B2B Outsourcing

Outsourcing continues to gain momentum as part of the B2B sales process, especially with the growing trend of sales reps working remotely. The 2020 business disruption caused by the pandemic has resulted in many B2B organizations retrenching and restructuring their sales teams to reduce overhead and maintain sales quotas. For many companies, that meant relying more on sales outsourcing to increase sales.

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Customer Success Requires a Smooth Post-Sales Transition

Closing the deal is only the first step of a successful sale. Once the contract is signed, you have to ensure a smooth transition from prospect to satisfied customer. That is the essence of solution selling: ensuring customer success.

When you understand that customer success is the end game, you can take steps to guarantee that the customer gets maximum value from the contract, starting with a smooth transition from prospect to customer. When you develop an onboarding strategy that focuses on the customer’s needs and on developing a path to solve their problem, you promote greater customer loyalty and increased renewals.

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Why Customer Success Should Be Data-Driven

You are being measured. How do you stack up? Are you proving your client’s return on investment (ROI)?

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How Not Having a Customer Success Team Is the No. 1 Reason Your Churn Is So High

With more companies looking to create recurring revenue models based on subscription sales, the impact of customer churn is higher than ever. The only way that a recurring revenue business model becomes sustainable is if you have happy customers who continue to buy what you have to sell. What we have learned is that having a Customer Success team as part of MarketStar’s Sales as a ServiceⓇ offering is essential to reducing customer churn.

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The Difference Between a Sales and Customer Success Team

As business solutions grow increasingly complex, some buyers require additional assistance to successfully introduce new products or services into their companies. It’s no longer enough for business-to-business (B2B) sales organizations to sell a product or service and leave the customer to their own devices—today they need support and knowledge over the long haul. 

The need for longer-term success is why Customer Success teams are becoming increasingly common in B2B sales organizations. However, it’s important for sales leadership to understand that Customer Success is not the same as other sales functions. Here, we take a look at the key ways in which these two roles are different and why a Customer Success team may be exactly what your organization needs.

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Why Customer Success Should Be Part of Your Plan While the Economy Recovers

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had an incredible impact on a variety of industries around the globe. There’s no doubt that it’s been a challenging year, and we’re still not out of the woods. 

But that means this summer is a great time to reassess your sales approach, determine what’s working and not working, and consider what your customers need, both now and in the future. 

As the economy regains focus amid and after COVID-19, Customer Success in particular should be part of your plan. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of a Customer Success team and how to best implement one in your company.

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