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Recent Posts by Vaughn Aust


An artist and scientist, Vaughn leads our marketing, digital services, and business intelligence teams. Always up on the latest trends and industry innovations, Vaughn ensures MarketStar offers clients best-in-class technology, infrastructure, and solutions. His passion for marketing, technology, and thought leadership is matched only by his love of all things Seattle.

Prior to his current position, Vaughn served as the Vice President of Client Solutions at Hawkeye, where he was responsible for determining the solutions Hawkeye brought to market and had direct responsibility for the analytics, product, and marketing teams. Vaughn also has a global perspective, having served as a general manager for Hawkeye’s European operation.

Vaughn earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of Washington.

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Why AOR is the Sales Management Framework You Need for Success

Sales coaching is a critical tactic that helps organizations improve individual performance and achieve business goals. Coaching is not only a helpful tool in terms of talent development, it also has a major impact on overall business performance. In fact, a survey from the Sales Management Association found that managers view sales coaching as the most impactful sales effectiveness investment, ranking it higher than other initiatives such as training, best practice sharing, and incentive redesign.

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How Millennials Are Changing Business-to-Business Selling



Do you speak Millennial? Vaughn Aust does. Having worked with millennials extensively in his current role at MarketStar (EVP, Marketing and Product), Vaughn has gained valuable knowledge on how to reach, manage, and train this critical segment.

Vaughn will be a part of an engaging panel discussion on millennials Wednesday, Oct. 4th at the Egyptian Theater in Ogden, UT, hosted by the Northern Utah Workforce Development Alliance. Register for this event by following this link.

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The 3 Best Books and Resources for Sales Professionals

As sales managers, we are inundated with information almost every day. From newsletters to blog articles, the internet has a plethora of information available. Some of it is relevant; some of it is not.

When done right, digital content is undeniably informative. However, for sales managers, nothing beats a well-researched book on a specific, significant topic (or topics). Written by industry experts, these books contain a trove of detailed, useful content that can help managers understand the art of sales in manageable, data-driven terms.

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Successful Sales Teams Are Making Sense of Big Data

Ready or not, the era of big data is officially underway in the sales industry. The term has become something of a buzzword that refers to huge data sets. As O’Reilly puts it, big data is information that “is too big, moves too fast” and demands alternative processing methods.

Sound complex? It is. But big data also has the capability of revolutionizing sales teams. And when approached properly, sales teams are able to make sense of big data and use it to help achieve success. Here’s how:

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Big Data in Business to Business Selling: Fact or Fiction?

“Big Data” is gathered from every corner of our digital life, including demographics, geography, spending habits and even lifestyle.  There are thousands of data points collected and used to market and sell goods to us as consumers and this data has spawned entire industries and software companies. 

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Partner Management Best Practices: Mining the Long Tail

by Hobart Swan , originally printed in CCI's Channel Management Insights Blog located here: http://outreach.channelmanagement.com/NL-2015-07-July-CMI_Main.html

The maxim leading many technology manufacturers’ channel strategy has long been the 80/20 rule: the top 20 percent of partners deliver 80 percent of sales so only focus on the top 20 percent. But what if the increasing sophistication of marketing technology can help alter that rule a little bit. Vaughn Aust, Executive Vice President for Digital and BI Solutions at MarketStar, says that advances in analytical and automation technology make it possible to get more business out of that often overlooked bottom 80 percent of partners. He’s been in the business a long time and just might be on to something.

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Through-Partner Marketing – How is your Field of Dreams?

One of the greatest challenges channel marketing groups face is how to generate measurable demand and sales results through and with their channel partners.

For channel marketing, enabling partners to gain access to vendor marketing tools and resources is generally a first step. However, today’s channel partners need more than access to standardized marketing resources to get results. So the question is if you build it, will they come?  

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Addressing the changing landscape of sales? Turn to "Sales as a Service."

It’s pretty obvious that the way we buy and sell goods and services has changed. As Business to Business buyers take more control of the process and move along their own journey on their own terms, it’s imperative that marketing and sales learn to adapt, personalize and provide value during the journey, or lose out in a hyper-competitive marketplace. 

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Five Proven Ways to Keep Your Social Community Members Engaged

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3 Tips for Managing the Unmanaged Channel Partners

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