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Recent Posts by MarketStar Staff

After the (virtual) trade show: 3 tips for following up with leads

Traditionally, trade shows have been a great way to increase market visibility and gather sales leads. Having a booth at a major trade event allows you to speak with prospects and other professionals, learn about what they are seeing in the market, and even talk about points of pain and challenges that your company might be able to address. Unfortunately, trade shows have been on a hiatus since early 2020 due to the pandemic, but there are still virtual trade events, online roundtables, and webinars that attract sales prospects seeking answers. Once you get their contact information, what’s the best strategy for following up with leads?

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[Infographic] 7 Techniques to Increase Your SMB Sales

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often ignored because of the small contract size and the difficulty of shifting an organization’s sales strategy to meet SMB needs. Unfortunately, if your organization is one of those that are ignoring the SMB market, you might be losing out on a serious amount of money.

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[Infographic] Driving Impact from Anywhere During COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, MarketStar is pivoting to a work-from-home environment through at least May 4. However, despite the current challenges and uncertain times, we continue to launch new teams without delay (6-8 weeks), including recruiting, training, and equipment delivery. 

In this infographic, we discuss how our sales teams are staying strong and our Sales as a Service® model is built to drive results from anywhere.

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How to Maximize Sales Through Direct Market Resellers

In the world of B2B sales there are different types of distribution partners, and each one plays a distinct role in reaching and servicing customers. Value-added resellers, for example, are high-touch partners that sell goods and services as part of a complete solution. At the other end of the spectrum are direct market resellers (DMRs), distributors that sell directly to businesses online or via telephone orders. DMRs maintain catalogs of goods to sell through online storefronts or by taking phone orders. DMRs can be an important part of any vendor’s value chain if you know how to provide the right support.

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MarketStar Names Keith Titus as President, CEO and Board Member

Titus, current MarketStar President and COO, to replace Dave Treadway who is retiring December 31, 2018

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Making People-Based Decisions

Late in 2017, three ambitious female coworkers and I took a 12-hour drive straight up I-15 to Calgary, Alberta in Canada to attend a women-in-leadership conference. On the drive up, we talked about our futures —how we envision success and what it takes to achieve what we’re after. We talked about our past, including experiences we’ve had in the workplace and what changes we’d like to make; and we talked about our present—all the things that bring us joy, and how we should spend more time appreciating it.

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Why Sales Enablement and Through-Partner Marketing Go Hand-in Hand

When the best partners have countless companies vying for their attention, how do you stand out from the rest and build a mutually beneficial relationship? The answer lies in well-executed partner marketing programs and tactics, which happen at the intersection of sales enablement, to-partner marketing, and through-partner marketing.

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4 Tips to Stand Out in the AdTech Space

How do you stand out and make yourself known in the AdTech space? This ebook delivers four best practices to gain success.

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AdTech 101 – Is Your Strategy Where it Needs To Be?

AdTech is a broad term that references various solutions to help target, deliver, track and analyze digital advertising efforts. Before you develop your company’s strategy, it’s important to clarify the differences between Digital Media and AdTech. Let’s start by defining the two terms and exploring how they are different.

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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Software-Defined Data Centers

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Software Defined Data Centers

Software-defined data centers (SDDCs) continue to become an attractive option for organizations looking to maximize versatility with their data environments. According to a report from Allied Market Research, the market for SDDCs will grow to an impressive $139 billion by 2022. Organizations that get on board with this trend will be well-positioned for this expansion.

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