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Recent Posts by Garrett Erickson

Garrett Erickson is the Marketing Operations Manager at MarketStar. He uses his content and storytelling prowess to enable MarketStar's Business Development team to communicates complex value propositions and solutions to drive revenue. Garrett utilizes his deep understanding of sales and procurement processes to create engaging content that enhances business development efforts and creates a positive experience with MarketStar's brand. He is also passionate about empowering companies and employees to give back to their communities in innovative ways and has done so through his support and leadership in the MarketStar Cares organization, of which he is currently the Committee Chair.
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Top 7 Sales Influencers You Should be Following

Ideas are meant to be shared, especially when it comes to B2B selling. It’s always useful to hear from old pros who have “been there, done that,” and also hear about what works for them in a tough selling situation.

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How a Consultative Approach is the Key To Selling Without Actually Selling

Whom would you rather buy from? The slick sales rep with the aggressive sales pitch who wants you to decide today, or the sales rep who asks questions, listens to understand what you need, and takes the time to work with you to find the right solution. The answer is easy, but the reality is there are still too many quota-driven sales reps out there who put closing the deal ahead of the needs of the customer. Sales reps with happy customers and long-term success are the ones who master the art of selling without selling.

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Driving More Sales Using the Channel Partner Program

Any company looking to increase revenue should consider a channel partner program. Naturally, you look to your in-house sales team first to help build revenue, but it can cover only part of the market. A well-established partner channel can help you capture untapped revenue. By collaborating with the right channel partners, you can access new revenue sources and new customers that you may never have known existed.

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4 Tips to Network Your Way to More Sales

Business networking is essential to success in sales.  Whether you are selling products, services, or your capabilities, your ability to connect with others in your industry will set you apart as a trused partner worthy of someone’s time and business.  The following blog post provides tips that will help you develop and refine your business networking strategy, grow your professional network, and accelerate your sales pipeline.

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