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Leads vs Contacts: Know Who's Who in Your Sales Pipeline

The way we sell today is being shaped by the evolving customer journey, technological advancements, and changes in customer behavior. Additionally, sales processes differ from one business to another, and so do the terminology and data management practices associated with them. At MarketStar, we fully comprehend these dynamics and possess the adaptability to align with and enhance our clients' processes through our proven and reliable practices. We bring our expertise to every task, seamlessly integrating our teams into our clients' organizations. However, occasionally we encounter minor inaccuracies that, despite their size, can significantly impact our efforts.

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Uncover the Maturity Level of Your Digital Advertising Operation

In the world of digital advertising, achieving sustainable and profitable growth requires a strategic approach suited to various stages of business maturity.  Identifying the stage you’re in and its corresponding challenges and goals will allow you to make informed decisions and choose the right partners to help you accelerate your growth.

Let's explore the maturity levels of digital advertising operations and highlight their unique characteristics to help you find out the stage you're in and ways to level up faster and more efficiently. 

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Selling in the Era of AI

There is no doubt that the rise of AI tools in sales has the potential to revolutionize the industry. And whether we love it or not, AI is here to stay for a while. It appears thatthe majority of high-performing sales organizations (57%) are using the technology to improve internal processes and customer experience and studying Salesforce’s “State Of” Report proves that this number is on the rise.

The capability for AI to transform the sales industry is vast, and its adoption is only set to increase. As businesses become more data-driven and customer-centric, there is an increase in the need for AI tools to manage and analyze customer data in real-time. And with the market for AI software expected to reach $37 billion by 2025, there is no doubt that the sales industry will be a major driver of this growth. However, the potential of AI extends far beyond what we have seen so far. As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative applications emerge, from complex predictive sales analytics to even more developed automated customer service. Today, with’s Chat GTP writing page-long text in seconds and algorithms inventing drug molecules to cure OCD, the array of AI capabilities seems endless, and so do the opportunities to leverage artificial intelligence.

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Keys to Creating A Great Inside Sales Team

The B2B sales model is changing. Where outside sales reps were once seen as a cost-effective and efficient way to close new deals and build revenue, more companies are bolstering their inside sales team. The migration from the traditional sales approach to inside sales is helping B2B companies more closely align sales and marketing, improve lead generation, and create a better customer experience.

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Unlocking Profitable Growth: The Power of Outsourcing in Scaling Your Business

Growth is a positive thing. Whether it’s financial or personal, growth means progress. When we talk about the growth of a business, we are referring to the process of increasing the size, revenue, and market share over time. At MarketStar, we are proud of our purpose to “Create Growth”, because over the last 35 years this is what we have done successfully for our clients and our people all over the world. However, the growth we create isn’t about a quick fix and rapid expansion.

Practicing the art of creating sustainableand profitable growth is a combination of expertise and experience. And while it may appear easy on paper, there are numerous examples of companies who could not keep up with their own growth. We often find that organizations focus on intense growth instead of creating scalable processes to sustain that growth in the future. According to Business Harvard Reviewtoday’s medium firms are larger and older than at any other time in the past 35 years; yet an increasing percentage of medium firms incur losses, have lower profits, and have lower growth despite spending larger amounts on experimentation and innovation. 

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Significant Success Secrets For Bulk SMS Marketing

With a phone in almost every hand today, Short Message Service (SMS) marketing's popularity has only been growing from strength to strength recently. Bulk SMS marketing is at the peak of its demand for various reasons today, especially in the e-commerce sector.

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AdTech 101 – Is Your Strategy Where it Needs To Be?

AdTech is a broad term that references various solutions to help target, deliver, track, and analyze digital advertising efforts. Before you develop your company’s strategy, it’s important to clarify the differences between Digital Media and AdTech. Let’s start by defining the two terms and exploring how they are different.

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What Would Happen if you Outsourced Inside Sales?

You’re probably familiar with the concept of companies outsourcing their IT, human resources, and accounting needs. Outsourcing specific functions can help businesses focus on what they do best, while gaining access to industry experts and, in return, receiving proven processes and experience. But what about outsourced inside sales?

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In-House Sales Teams vs. Outsourced Sales Teams: It’s All About ROI, and Not Just Financial Investment

See the Buy vs. Build ROI infographic summary here

Despite rapid market changes, looming economic disruption, a continual battle for talent, and increasingly complex product and service offerings, one thing never changes for sales: you must hit your number. In 2023, the mantra tied to revenue is “adapt and evolve if you want to succeed and grow.” 

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5 Critical Concepts for Engaging the Partner Channel

Engaging the partner channel isn’t as easy as it once was. Partners are more diverse and specialized, margins have thinned, and hard-good solutions are rapidly transitioning from one-time fees (with service contracts) to subscription-based solutions. Those companies who recognize that the partner channel is changing, and embrace the change, will be positioned for success in the coming years. But, those who choose to maintain business as usual, will likely see their channel slip through their fingers. 

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