What is Sales as a Service™?

MarketStar pioneered the Sales as a Service™ industry in 1988.

Technology - Enabling our Sales as a Service solutions

Sales technology enables any sales motion, pre- and post-sale. Sales as a Service technology includes customer management, automated outreach, and sales acceleration tools that maximize engagement and speed up activity, revenue and the realization of ROI.

For sales teams to operate efficiently, they have to be dialed in with prospect activity, and receive triggered alerts to help them prioritize efforts to push opportunities through the pipeline. MarketStar implements a proven sales methodology enabled by automated CRM tools that enhance each rep’s ability to sell. We remove the bottlenecks and time-wasting tasks so teams can concentrate on executing their territory plans and tracking deal progression.

Consistent customer engagement is essential to driving up-sell, cross-sell, and retention strategies. MarketStar designs nurturing campaigns that target customers and partners at different stages in their lifecycle. We monitor activity throughout your digital channels to score and rank your most active evangelists. Our strategies simplify the process of sales, marketing and partner programs to increase participation and lifetime customer value. And your teams will do it faster and smoother with our automated workflows and activity logs.

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The foundation of MarketStar's Sales as a Service is a highly skilled sales team

MarketStar has specific SFDC expertise, and can deploy, integrate, and utilize your existing CRM, regardless of the platform. We align CRM tools and digital applications to give you a window into your customers and their business. Our customer analytics and reporting tools help you profile customers based on established criteria, and rank them according to revenue and profitability. We streamline customer service workflow and activity logs to improve service levels and enhance customer interaction.

Many organizations struggle with CRM platforms, integration, functionality, and resources required to nurture their leads. MarketStar helps clients realize the full benefits of sales automation by increasing customer retention, shortening the sales cycle, and lowering the cost per lead. As experts in Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot, we tailor messaging to unique audiences and position your sales team to engage in more targeted, relevant, and meaningful conversations to drive revenue. In fact, Marketo named us their Digital Agency of the Year in 2015.

Every contact in your database is a sales opportunity. Uncovering those opportunities is dependent on your ability to align your sales methodology to your sales goals and workflow. Our teams utilize best-in-class acceleration apps, such as InsideSales, Conversica, and InContact, which automate everything from dialing and voicemail to workflow and activity logs. These apps are fully integrated with the CRM to streamline basic sales tasks, prioritize activity, and gather more detailed information to gauge buyer behavior. We increase your sales efficiency so you can reach more qualified targets and nurture meaningful relationships.

Buyer 2.0 is informed and connected, and only wants to work with sales people who add value and relevance. MarketStar’s sales philosophy revolves around relationships—not tactics. Our seasoned professionals use advanced social tools, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to focus on networking and building affinity in traditional and social channels to scale your coverage into more markets and industries. We don’t just “listen” to conversations, but actively participate with engaging content and data which supports decision-makers and establishes your place as a thought leader.

How We Can Help

Getting Started
We'll build it and get it working

Many sales or marketing organizations do not have the technical acumen -- or time -- to get technology platform working at optimized levels. Our years of experience in setting up technology solutions helps you concentrate on what's most important.

Always Be Improving
Process improvements lead to success

Our clients rely on our years of experience and carefully honed best practices to learn how to make programs better. We provide you with people and processes that have been tested over many programs.

Let's Try Something New
Innovation comes from experimentation

Our flexibility and malleability allows us to try new things on your behalf. Large organizations can find it tricky to try new things quickly, so let us try it for you. Our ability to move quickly helps you blaze new trails much quicker.