What is Sales as a Service™?

MarketStar pioneered the Sales as a Service™ industry in 1988.

Methodology - Enabling our Sales as a Service solution

Proven sales processes complete our Sales as a Service solution. Process drives activity, efficiency and effectiveness. When informed by superior data and a seasoned leadership team, process decreases your ramp to productivity and building revenue.

In our nearly 30 years as the pioneer of Sales as a Service, we have honed our processes and methodologies through trial and error by working with hundreds of clients and hundreds of products and solutions. This hard-earned experience benefits you and your program because we have years of data and know-how to move a program out of pilot phase and into full productivity at a fast pace.

But time-tested processes don’t hold us to status quo and immovable structures. Our sales and operations processes have been designed to adapt to the eccentricities and variety of each individual client program. We anticipate that each motion will need to be customized to the brand, sales cycle and customer, so our methodologies are nimble enough to adapt quickly and secure enough to evolve as your program and customer evolves.

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The foundation of MarketStar's Sales as a Service is a highly skilled sales team

Our channel program methodologies are designed to identify only the right partners, speed up their ramp-to-revenue trajectory, and build partner relationships that are robust and long-lasting. These processes provide a data-driven pathway with activities and milestones at each phase designed to accelerate the partner journey. With data informing each phase and activity, we are able to tailor communications, adjust timing of outreach and refine and customize the overall partner experience.

MarketStar’s lead flow process provides a pathway for prospects to get relevant information and receive personalized 1:1 engagement that moves them to have active sales conversations. Relevant and personalized outreach is timed and delivered based on stage in cycle, giving sales reps the freedom to assess needs and determine if lead is ready to talk or placed in long-term nurture. Fully qualified leads are transitioned to client inside sales teams or select partners, leads not ready for discussions are returned to a unique long-term nurture.

MarketStar’s customer acquisition methodologies progress sales-ready opportunities into buying customers. From accurate and clean data, through automated sales-nurturing, to sales-ready opportunities, our processes keep qualified leads engaged and moving towards making a purchase.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey). This begins with first contact, and does not end when the transaction is completed. We have account management processes in place that dictate consistent effort, high-availability, and quality control for your valued customers beyond the moment of sale, leading to superior onboarding and a smooth transition to house-account status.

How We Can Help

Lean Six Sigma
A collaborative team effort to improve performance

Our Lean Six Sigma process improvement techniques help us help your program get better. By eliminating waste and improving performance, We hope to increase ROI, team morale, and overall quality of your program.

Three Decades Experience
We've been doing it since Since 1988

Experience does matter. The processes we employ to launch a program, run a program and improve a program have been cultivated through years of learning and optimizing what we do -- all for your benefit.

What's Yours is Ours
We are flexible to your processes

With any outsourced augmentation or extension program, it's key to adopt processes that clients bring to the table. We are able to infuse our own best practices with the activities that are already working for you and your teams.