The Evolution of the “Zombie” Lead infographic

We all have them. Zombie leads invade and spread fear in our marketing databases. There are a couple of definitions of a zombie lead:

• A lead generated by marketing dies because it did not receive the follow-up nourishment from marketing and sales to sustain life
• A lead appears alive, but in actuality, it is not interested—you don’t want to waste too much time with them so you need to identify them quickly

As marketers are asked to do more with less (or the same) resources, it is important that you have processes in place to take care of both zombie types. Start by re-animating dead leads in your current database. These leads have shown interest in your offering in the past and might just need that extra piece of nutritious content to get them back. Then, implement a holistic lead management process that ensures less of your new leads end up in the grave.

If you dare, take a look at our infographic for tips every marketer needs to disinfect the zombie virus from their database.

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