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Game On

As the retail environment adapts to changes driven by highly-informed shoppers, online sales, and product reviews on social media, it is important to keep the Retail Store Associate educated and passionate about your product. However, with so many brands, new products, and changing shopper demographic, how do you create an engaging and effective environment for people who aren’t your own employees?

Today, Millennials are the largest commercial demographic and one-third of the US Population, but they are not just your customers, they are also the same store associates selling your wares. Skeptical and technology driven, Millennials want their workplace to be fun and social. For this generation, social media forums are part of their daily lives. As social communities continue to expand, they are becoming a great resource to create sharable, enjoyable, and educational environments for Retail Store Associates.

Recently, our work in developing engaging communities for Fortune 500 clients has been attributed to a 20% sales uplift in stores. We call it Connect+. This social learning and advocacy platform leverages industry-leading gamification and engagement strategies.

This eBook will walk you through the five distinct mechanisms proven to make an encouraging, engaging, and motivating social community for your partner.

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