Maximizing Your Channel

Enhance channel performance at VAR, MSP, DMR, and Distribution

The Right Focus on the Right Partner and the Right Opportunity

The IT industry in the US is estimated at just over $1 trillion, with two-thirds of these products sold flowing through or influenced by the channel. This provides a lot of real opportunity for channel marketers to capture business and grow channel revenue. How do you capitalize on this opportunity before your competitors beat you to it?

MarketStar’s Channel Demand solution helps channel marketers utilize a more data-focused and analytics-driven approach to launching effective demand generation campaigns with their partners.

By using point of sale, demographic, and geographic information system data, MarketStar is able to uncover your ideal focus areas -- both vertical and geographic -- and recruit the ideal partners to service your targeted customer base. By using data and analytics at each and every step of the process, we will maximize your marketing spend and help you achieve the best possible ROI with each and every targeted demand campaign.

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Simplifying Your Partners' Lives

leads to brand loyalty, affinity, and sales growth

A major challenge for VMware within the channel was figuring out an efficient and effective way to get lower-tiered partners to use MDF dollars. VMware knew that a little incentive would go a long way for smaller partners. MarketStar knew how to reach partners, and knew there was an opportunity to give WMware a better view of what was happening in their broader channel, particularly their second tier partners, while leveraging existing MDF funds as an incentive for SMBs.

• MarketStar quickly activated 300 smaller partners leading to $4.8M in pipeline, and $2.1M in closed deals.

How We Can Help

Easy to do Business
Of solution providers
cited poor service and support as reasons for terminating a vendor

Remove complexity from your channel programs to increase partner profitability and mindshare.

Source: Enterasys Networks

It's About Growth
Of top performing organizations
adopt cross-selling and up-selling initiatives to alleviate pressure to increase channel revenue

Improve alignment among sales, marketing and service organizations to deliver consistent services levels and grow your partner base.

Source: Aberdeen: “Renaissance in Partner Management”

Of solution providers
leverage the self-service components offered by their OEM partners

Reduce repetitive, process-intensive tasks for your sales teams while maintaining high service levels your partners expect.

Source: IPED Partner Enablement & Marketing Study