Generate Leads & Grow Revenue

Driving demand and sales from SMB to Enterprise

Increase Sales. Period.

Companies seeking to expand into new markets, verticals, tiers, or industries have to balance the business impact and infrastructure costs of bringing in additional sales resources against the net benefit.

MarketStar’s customer acquisition solution progresses sales-ready opportunities into buying customers. From accurate data, through sales-nurturing, to sales-ready opportunities, we keep qualified leads engaged and moving towards making a purchase. We apply a proven methodology for monitoring prospect activity, understanding when to engage, and delivering relevant messaging which speaks to prospect needs. And, we can quickly deploy solutions that expand your coverage, or capture unrealized revenue streams. All while driving profitable, loyal customer relationships from first contact to post-sales management.

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Specific Strategies for Outsourcing Inside Sales Functions

What is your strategy for enabling inside sales activities?

AdRoll needed a partner to help them identify, educate, and close deals with SMB businesses. MarketStar’s AdRoll team uses sophisticated CRM tools to prospect leads from a client database, educates new clients on product offerings, and sells AdRoll’s products based on customer segments and targeting needs, to drive revenue in the growing Ad-Tech industry.

• The AdRoll team consistently beats revenue goals in excess of 140% of quota, with year-over-year growth

A cloud storage leader needed to grow their customer base among SMB customers. MarketStar works as an integrated part of this client’s business; delivering creative solutions that result in substantial revenue, growth in new markets, and low ramp time for new employees.

• MarketStar’s rep success rate is higher than average for this client, with an average revenue-per-rep that exceeds $75,000 each month

How We Can Help

Build Relationships
of B2B organizations
identify converting qualified leads as a top funnel priority

By prioritizing leads based on intelligence, MarketStar sales teams are enabled to initiate and nurture real relationships, fostering trust and ensuring more leads transition through the sales funnel.

Source: MarketingSherpa

On Board and Ready to Go
of sales representatives
take 10 months or longer to contribute to company goals

MarketStar's proven expertise in sales team deployment allows us to rapidly train and on-board a professional, high-quality sales force that makes immediate impact with top-tier accounts.

Source: CSO Insights

The Power of Inside
Greater growth rate for inside sales
than traditional outside sales models.

MarketStar evaluates accounts to determine the right type and amount of support needed, so you can maximize your inside/outside sales investments.

Source: Forbes. "Latest Inside Sales Research Shows It's All About The Leads."