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When you come to work at MarketStar, you don’t just get a job, you get something more.

You get to join a team that challenges and values you, allows you time for your family, and gives you opportunities for personal and professional growth. See what our own employees have to say about how MarketStar has enriched their lives.

Paisley’s Story

MarketStar employee Paisley enjoys the team environment, flexible hours and workplace environment that feels like home. Her career at MarketStar has given her the competitive salary to succeed and take a broader role in her community.


Hayden’s Story

MarketStar has enabled Hayden to enhance his life both at the office and at home with his family. Among other benefits, he enjoys the supportive culture and team-oriented environment. He also looks forward to pursuing leadership opportunities.


Nicole’s Story

Nicole appreciates MarketStar’s commitment to her personal and professional growth. She was naturally drawn to a company that uplifts its employees. Her career at MarketStar provides the stability and financial freedom that allows her to pursue her passions.


Steven’s Story

At MarketStar, you aren’t a number; you’re part of a supportive and caring environment of professionals. And that’s just what originally drew Steven to MarketStar. He feels that his job is more than a career, it’s like a family.    


Why MarketStar?

MarketStar is dedicated to creating dynamic experiences and an empowered workforce. We utilize advanced trends, methods and technologies to drive results for our clients and employees. Our focus on an agile and well-balanced work environment helps to realize the goal of enriching lives and creating successes. Our core values guide every direction and influence each decision.

Learn why we say You Belong at MarketStar—and how much We Care about your success. We create Leaders Who Amplify and remain true Masters of Our Craft with each new opportunity. If you’re looking for an organization that encourages Creativity That Impacts and a work environment that’s All In, Every Day, you’ve just found your match!

We take the responsibility of growing our people as seriously as that of empowering our community. Why join the MarketStar team? To connect with something bigger. To join a community of people dedicated to both professional and personal growth. And to enter into a close-knit workforce.

See what our employees are saying about working at MarketStar.

Amazing place to work.

Apr 20, 2021 - Sales Development Representative (SDR) in Ogden, UT

I have literally never worked for a company like this. Even with the pandemic going on they are very hands out and involved with the people they employ. They are very caring and want you to succeed. My cousin really hyped them up, which I didn’t believe and they have really blown my mind with how things are done.Just everything with them has blown my mind. They don’t just talk about things during on boarding and then turn around and act like something else. They are through and through a good company. They want you to succeed, and don’t expect you to be a robot. They know things happen in life and they expect you to make sure those things are taken care of when they happen.

Great early-career employer

Mar 15, 2021 - Manager in Ogden, UT

Great jobs for sales pros early in their career, but a great mid- to long-term option as well. Benefits have just gotten better, three straight years of premium decreases, added childcare reimbursement which is HUGE. Have been great to work from home, the technology they provide is awesome. Great brands to work for, awesome resume builders. Great values and a good direction the company seems to be on. They are very good to you, when you work hard. People fit in here. Lots of variety.

Excellent Place to Work

Mar 17, 2021 - Sales Enablement Specialist in Ogden, UT

Marketstar will always seek to keep their best employees and provide a pathway to progress in your career. They also don't rely on vertical progression into management as their sole path to progression; they also focus on pathways into new responsibilities within existing roles as well as moves into other departments.

How We Have Responded to COVID-19