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MarketStar Purpose & Values

The Unique Company Culture at MarketStar is Unlike Anything Else

MarketStar’s purpose is to create growth. We know we’re part of something bigger and take the responsibility of building our community, people, clients and ourselves to heart. The values we live guide our direction and influence every action.    

You Belong at MarketStar. And when you join our team, you’ll see how much We Care about your success. You’ll be part of a community that’s committed to learning, growing and remaining Masters of Our Craft. We have Leaders Who Amplify—that nurture trust, drive results and reward success. Creativity That Impacts isn’t only one of our values; it’s a way of life. And when you’re at MarketStar, you’ll see why we value being All In, Every Day.

You Belong

Everyone who accepts and lives our values will find belonging and purpose at MarketStar. We embrace diverse backgrounds, promote the best ideas and encourage diverse points of view. At MarketStar, you belong!

We Care

We care about YOU, your career, your family and your communities. We are invested in cultivating the physical, emotional and financial wellness of all those within our communities and “Our MarketStar.” At MarketStar, we care!

Masters of Our Craft

We are relentless learners who constantly expand our expertise, try new things, seek the best talent and deliver exceptional results for our customers. At MarketStar, we are masters of our craft!

Leaders Who Amplify

Our leaders behave with integrity, lead with clarity and speak with candor. Their purpose is to nurture trust, drive results and reward success. The very best leaders cultivate an environment where exceptional results are delivered, and the ideas and talents of our people come to life. At MarketStar, we have leaders who amplify!

Creativity That Impacts

We foster a safe environment where we take smart risks and collaborate to solve problems and deliver a positive impact. Our collective creativity builds better solutions and generates growth for our customers and each other. At MarketStar, we cherish creativity that impacts!

All In, Every Day

We put forth our best effort, working with purpose, passion and grit. We give everything we have in both promise and practice, to deliver on our agreements with each other, our investors and customers. At MarketStar, we are all in, every day!

How We Have Responded to COVID-19