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Email Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing [Infographic]

According to Sirius Decision, the adoption of Marketing Automation technology is expected to increase to 50% by 2015. However, my experience tells me that while more and more companies adopt marketing automation, they are not able to use the tool to its fullest potential because of a lack of expertise, methodology, or basic understanding of the tool. Many do not understand the potential it has when used correctly and settle for basic email marketing – missing out on the great opportunity of increasing conversion rates and Marketing ROI.

I even hear confusion such as: “Isn’t lead nurturing just a fancy term for email marketing?” or “It’s all the same.” This is why we have created the Email Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing Infographic. It provides a quick overview of the differences between each helping marketers realize that they can have a greater impact!


Utah Business Magazine Recognizes MarketStar CIO

Congratulations to our Chief Information Officer, Julie Simmons, who was honored today by Utah Business magazine as one of this year’s “30 Women to Watch.” Our senior executive was awarded this afternoon with other Utah women business leaders in a special luncheon at the Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City.

The Utah Business magazine May 2012 issue features impressive women business leaders and women entrepreneurs in the Beehive State, and Simmons shines with the best and brightest of Utah women. We’re proud of all Simmons does to contribute – leading technology strategy for MarketStar, launching education events and programs for the Women Tech Council, and inspiring girls to be the next generation of business women.

Our CIO Beyond the Business Bio: Did You Know?

  • Simmons’ true passion is helping young women find careers they love. She co-founded a website called that profiles inspiring business women.
  • Simmons leads the education committee for the Women Tech Council and launched a teen tech scholarship program and WTC Student award at the university level.
  • At one point while going to college, Simmons commuted 100 miles a day to her full-time secretarial job down a mountain canyon in treacherous Utah winters.
  • When her daughter was young, Simmons sent postcards from international business trips to her daughter’s elementary school classroom, teaching the children about world geography and to see possibilities.

Don’t Abandon Crowdfunding – Manage It

In the recent HBR article “The Crowdfunding Road to Hell,” Daniel Isenberg argues persuasively that crowdfunding — specifically equity crowdfunding — cannot work.

As an entrepreneur, angel investor, VC, philanthropist, and CEO with 40 years’ experience, I cannot agree.

From my experience investing in emerging start-ups (I’m invested in 60 right now) and launching my share of both failures (4) and highly successful (3) companies, I can attest that Mr. Isenberg is perfectly correct in his assertion that it’s dangerous to expect crowdfunding of equities to work the same way crowdfunded donations do. Furthermore, I understand all too keenly the complexities of determining a fair valuation for companies that are too early in their development to fit existing measurement standards and can’t meet the criteria for standard bank or SBA funding. I also agree that due diligence is an imperative — and is often overlooked by crowdfunders as impractical or overly complex.

Read the entire article at Harvard Business Review.

Avengers Assemble! Lead Nurturing at its Best


There’s something to be said for walking a customer through a logical, natural buying process. At MarketStar, we have been preaching the value of Lead Nurturing to our clients for years. But as seen recently, there is nothing like a “real world” example to really drive home the science behind a concept.

For those of you under a rock, Avengers opened this last weekend to stellar reviews. The movie follows “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” as they battle invading forces set on taking over the world. Marvel Entertainment began an elaborate nurturing campaign in 2008 to build unity in their Marvel Studios properties; including Iron Man(2008), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Iron Man 2 (2010), Thor (2011), and Captain America (2011).  In each movie little pieces and hints were strung together to connect the characters, and set the stage for a movie where they could interact.

By the time The Avengers hit the screen, customers were familiar with the product, the story, and had a favorite aspect that appealed to them. These customers were already sold, greatly reducing the amount of effort needed to get them to make the purchase.

To say The Avengers was a success would be an understatement. The Avengers’ opening weekend ticket sales topped $200M in the USA alone, while grabbing over $600M in worldwide sales. Both of these numbers smashed records in ticket sales, and this was no accident; customers were ready to make the purchase.

Marvel Entertainment knows the value of nurturing their customers; they have done it for over 70 years. The Avengers is a model case study in the power of nurturing your customers. Nurturing permits companies to engage and progress leads towards a purchase, while identifying their buying intent. This ensures sales reps spend more time selling to those leads that are ready to purchase. After all, isn’t it easier to sell to a customer who has the cash in hand and is ready to make a purchase?

Learn more about lead nurturing by downloading our Nurturing eBook.